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Retro 80's Wonder Woman

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Looks awesome! Lovely. ☺️

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I Love Retro epoch, it is immortal...

Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

Especially the 80's.

rover223's avatar

It's the 80s, she's be wearing suntan tights too.

The logo at her top fits to the car!
FandomFoodie's avatar
80's fashion never really played to me, but Diana makes it a winner her.
GuzziHero's avatar
Awesome!  I especially love how you used the Pontiac Firebird on her top.
marston004's avatar
Each time I admire your last artwork, I tell myself : "He can't do better".

Once again, you made me wrong...

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Awesome work on the 80s series
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Wonder Woman:  The Rebellious Years!  :slow:
Love the emphasis on cheese- the cheesy cheapo lock decor that was in every chain auto parts store. And making a Trans-Am into her car? The pinnacle of late-'70's, early-'80's gaudy American auto styling. The Winger-esque hair is both a perfect topping and nod to the TV series (which I never have watched- only seen clips of). Thanks for sharing!

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I want to ride in the car!! 
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Outstanding work.

The attention to detail here is fantastic, I especially like the Firebird emblem tank-top. That's pure eighties nostalgia and a very imaginative way to mimic Wonder Woman's Cuirass.

You outdid yourself with this.
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DahriAlGhul's avatar
Amazing work!!  Always fantastic!
colin6969's avatar
A damn fine piece of work ! :)
weaponx1486's avatar
Very nice scene for wonder woman classic look is still hot and the car
WeaponTheory's avatar
I love the hell out of this. This should be a toy series or something, like how there's a "Bombshell" series.
cobaltcrimson's avatar
I love this, it's a great retro feel and looks like it belongs in the 80s DC comics.
MirrorKhaos's avatar
Awesome Retro WW
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