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Red Panzer

Red Panzer is basically like a nazi Ironman. Instead of just going for a straight forward iron mask I put an angry expression on it to give it a little more personality. I think the distressed red paint on the armor turned out pretty cool. Over all he ended up looking like a combination of an Immortal solider from 300 and Torch from The Puppet Master movies. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing I suppose.
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I must find this vonder voman
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Here's a Villain Wondy could face in WW1 with his Son continuing the trend in WW2 as Baron Blitzkrieg…
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I like that his iron mask has a face it reminds me of Wolfenstein the new order nice look by the way
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Why does he have a ss badge, Gestapo badge, Wehrmacht chest eagle, a Luftwaffe helmet banner, and a SS helmet banner?
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Because he can be in ANY branch.
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because your over thinking it
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Scary looking dude! 
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One of those people you love to hate, if not for their personality, they for their costumes. Awesome job!
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imprecionante, muy buen arte
Awesome work Jeff.
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haha thats fantastic, you gotta do your own version of The Redskull :D
Great job. Love the expression on the faceplate...that is inspired design work.
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Thanks so much! Im glad people like my work even if it doesnt have boobs. lol
Your work is AMAZING!! Wonder Woman is my favorite comic book character. I would love for you to do more of her villains like Cheetah, Circe, Ares, etc.. And Donna and Cassie ;)
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Extremely good one.
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thanks, not a half nude woman so not as popular as the rest, lol
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