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James Bond lego set 4

Now for something a little different from what I normally do. I love James Bond movies and always thought they would make for some cool Lego sets. So I put together some Lego Bond concept sets just for fun.
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these are awesome btw
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I think my favorite part of this series is your head design for Sean Connery. (It's not an official head, right? I don't think so, but I'm not the minifigure expert I once was.)
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Wow. This is really cool!
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This is amazing. Domino is my favorite Bond girl. All your sets are cool. I was looking up 2014 sets and thought this was actually happening... Instead we get Simpsons lego. Boo.
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Thanks! Simpson sets are still pretty cool. I may have to pick those up.
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That house looks freaking expensive, but great that they spent time to make it good.…
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Just for fun?! You must be kidding. This looks like legitimate LEGO sets! Please submit those on CUUSOO. I want to have all those sets and more. All the work is done, including incredibly looking boxes. Congratulations!
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Yes my version of fun is odd. I tried submitting them, Lego rejected them.
if you don't post on lego cuusoo then i will. all your sets are way too cool. please please please post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Are these kits actually available? Cos I'd love to get some, been a Bond fan forever!
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No just made them myself, I doubt lego will ever do Bond. Not kid friendly enough.
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That's ashame because what you came up with was really good and convincing enough to be the real thing. You never know one day your vision may come true. Just imagine other cool lego concepts like Rock Legends (Kiss, Queen, Black Sabath and the Who)in Lego style.
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Dude, right on! Love it! Gonna have to do one of those myself!
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Good luck, its fun. Also a pain in the ass. But well worth it.
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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This is awesome!!!!!
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This is a really awesome concept for a lego set and theme in general. It's a real shame that Bond's womanizing ways aren't suitable for Lego's image, because there is so much potential for a James Bond theme.
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Yeah it would be great, but never will happen :(
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