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There was literally no need to change the nickname Leatherface to Heather Face but the art itself is very interesting
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Fantastic work! Campy and Fun.  It's obvious you put ALOT of time and care into your works of ART.
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I do yes, thank you.
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She is slightly terrifying
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:fear: of Heather Face.....:iconepicfacepalm-plz:....hahahaha....another killing kutie....:jawdrop:.
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Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
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Frederica Krueger maybe? Norma Bates? Countess Orlok?
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Someone should do an older possessed version of Regan MacNeil, like in the sequel to the Exorcist when she was older.

I'm totally digging these sexy horror babes xD
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You are most welcome! Your art is superb! Truly excellent!
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I would have given her an honest chance, probably misunderstood this girly...
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its a good risk
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THESE SKILLS! lol i am so Merkiplier  jealous
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awesome!! loving this series
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