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My Favorite Elsa Art. Damn she looks good. usually disney princesses are hard to imagine in real life. But This is just how I want Elsa to look in real life! You're amazing Jeff😘

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Dayummmmmmmmmm baby

Beautiful work...thanks for share
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A Stunning piece ! :)
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OrangeRoses by KmyGraphic Hello by KmyGraphic    
 your beautiful Deviation is sooooo Beautiful by KmyGraphic  and now featured by :iconlove2manip: in a special folder under Ultimative TOP Featured Manips

WithLove by KmyGraphic AND Have-a-Beautiful-Day by KmyGraphic
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Thank you very much!
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Wow, you should make a speed art or a tutorial for us to learn from you !!! Great job !!! 
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Nice work sir!
Its definitely great. How did you do all your edits so beautifully ? :) They are all good.
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A lot of meticulous work
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So many faves and comments!
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lol I know, its great!
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Now 4 the obvious joke...I got 3 words 2 every 1 in tha comms talkin about her(lack thereof)nippz: LET IT GO
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KRASHLING ! *sound of jaw dropping on the floor*  incredible work as usual  *_*
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very nice, amazing and emotional
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Beautiful! Such an amazing edit! 

Emoticon: Holy Miku 
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