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Dejah Thoris: Princess of Mars

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Best your Art!!! How much time did you spend on this brilliant work?
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its hard to say as I dont keep track or time. 15-20 hours maybe
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OMG! Clap Love Heart Worship 
Could you do another one with reddish skin tones? Dejah was supposed to have (as a native of Barsoom) reddish skin. Not sure if it is similar to a person who spends much time outdoors with little clothing or more to do with the thin atmosphere and the lack of protection from the Sun.  If not, maybe do Thuvia, instead? Awesome work as always.

I have been inspired to dig deeper into Photoshop (past taking out red eye and whitening teeth) by your works. One issue I have is trying to match skin and lighting tones from two separate photos as you do in yours (all the meshes in yours have a smooth natural look). Are there any suggestions on what tools (in what order) I might try in order to do better with this type of effect in Photoshop?

Really love your work!


P.S. How long does it take to do something like this(assuming you can find the stock photos relatively quickly) from start to finish?
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Thank you!
I gave her skin a bit of that tanned/reddish hue, I just didn't want to make it cartoonishly red.

Well there are so many ways to manipulate color in Photoshop. I usually use a combination of Levels, Selective Color and Hue/Saturation sliders. Curves is also a good way to manipulate color, but is more complicated and can be a little harder to get a grasp on. Although Ive never used it, theres also a Color Match feature in Photoshop. It might be worth messing around with.

But the real key to matching skin is just being able to recognize why the different peices dont match and what needs to be done to make them match. Whci is something that just comes from experimenting.

A single piece can take me anywhere from 10-30hrs. Finding the right stocks is a huge part of it.
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You're very welcome ! :)
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Very cool pose and I love the tribal warpaint. The jewellery feels quite Barsoomian too! Is there a more authentic nude version?
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No theres not unfortunally. Although I suppose i could just go into the Photoshop file and remove the layers covering her chest lol
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I suppose you could but in retrospect it wouldn't be in keeping with Frazetta's portrayal of Dejah.
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Well its only inspired by Frazetta, don't want to copy him exaclty. Not that I could anyway....
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SO much more sexy, beautiful and savage than the forlorn poor concept of a john carter movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing a delight of a warrior princess
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Awesome work :)
Gorgeous and powerfully s.e.x.y artwork 
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You are fucking awesome
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Great Job. Please tutorial.
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thanks, maybe I'll make one one of these days...
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Seen several of these now! Amazing work!
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thank you so much!
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