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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

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Awesome! They need to make this into a movie.
If this was a movie poster, I'd be at the theatre opening weekend! Hannah looks sensational!
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if Cadillacs and Dinosaurss : Xenozoic Tale was a Live action movie

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One of the best works about CADILLACS & DINOSAURS!

I like very much how was rendered the Jack's Cadillac, with the forward turbines on the sides...very impressive :) !!!
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Oh! Great picture.
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This is one of your coolest yet.
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amazing tribute to a classic!
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Interesting. Coincidentally, I picked up the RPG for it (the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs RPG) which was done by the same guy (Frank Chadwick) who made Space 1889.

SPEZ (edit) ▬ The gal of course, looks nothing like Bettie Page tho.
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very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
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I loved this cartoon as a kid, thanks for bringing it back. Great work.
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Remarkable attention to detail!  Really brings the characters to life!
I'm glad this largely forgotten old comic/show is finally getting some love!   Very nice!
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Very nice! Very reminiscent of the comic covers I remember. Thanks for sharing it!
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thanks for sharing
ah a classic cartoon :D
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Ah, I member! Oh, the memories :love:
Thanks for posting this. Hit me right in the childhood :XD:
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Youre welcome
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Have you more dexy renders of her?
Jeffach's avatar
Sexy? No this is the only version of her I have at the moment.
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Can you tell me the name of the femaöe movie star?
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The woman? Shes made up of stock photos. Check out the links in the description.
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