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photoshop, illustrator and my wacom
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Photoshop, MST3K, tattoos, random energy drink & Vodka, PB & banana sandwiches, sarcasm

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@Jeffach I just want to start by saying I am a HUGE fan of your work and adore your incredible and awesome art especially the comic book women and Wonder Woman in particular :)

Thank you 1,700 Watchers

I am "Wonder Erika" a 37 year old Bisexual Hungarian Dominant, shibari rigger and cosplayer living and working in London, England as a professional psychiatrist

I have been reading and collecting Wonder Woman since 1989 and to a lesser extent I also read and collect Black Canary, Green Arrow, Conan, Red Sonja, Vampirella and Zatanna

My gallery is mainly my shibari rope bondage photos and cosplay photos but I also draw, write stories and create VERY bad photoshop art. I aspire to one day create photoshop and graphic art almost as good as you but I'm realistic that even after decades of effort I will probably not even come close

Here are some examples of my galleries

WonderErika - Hobbyist | DeviantArt

WonderErika - Hobbyist | DeviantArt

WonderErika - Hobbyist | DeviantArt

WonderErika - Hobbyist | DeviantArt

I am contacting you today because a friend of mine recently adapted two of your own awesome and incredible images to create the pieces below

277970377 666765921242935 1236519597122091652 N

The skin tone has been changed from green to red because Tanya cosplays as the Red She-Hulk instead of the traditional green Jennifer Walters She-Hulk. The face has also been replaced with that of my friend Tanya and of course the captive male on the train tracks that is being saved from the on coming train has been added

277592378 677274360035585 7741734935941742836 N

In this second one he has added my own face and head

I would like to stress that I was not aware at the time of the creation and did not give permission or consent to have my own head and face adapted for this purpose

The friend in question initially posted these images to their own Deviant Art as a tribute to yourself but upon learning they had not contacted you and asked your consent to do so and worse had not linked or tagged you directly (only casually mentioning you referring to the original adapted images) I was able to persuade them to take down the two images

I have had my own art and images stolen and used without my consent in the past and do not take kindly to it

I apologise, hope you have not been offended or angered and I would like to stress I was not aware that my own image (head and face) or the face of my friend Tanya (which was taken from a photo of her in my gallery) were being used for this purpose


Hey Erika, thanks for the compliments! I appreciate you looking out for me and my art. I'm certainly not offended. I dont mind people making their own version using my art. Happens all the time. But as you say, I just would like credit and a link back to the original. I dont think thats too much to ask. But for whatever reason, some people just dont think about it. Anyway, thanks again.


@jeffchendesigns You are most welcome. If you are ok with it then I will speak to the person that made these and insist any future art created by adapting your own has a direct link to your DA and gives you the credit you deserve in exchange for using said art to create new pieces. I didn't know how you felt and so errored with caution

I appreciate that

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Love it Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work

Perhaps this could prove useful to you and many others in the near future:

Automatically relights a person to match a switched background.