Thanks everyone for all the comments!

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This is surprising to me! Wow... I never thought I would win the first place!

I've read a lot of comments from you guys, and I really appreciate that. I hope I can reply every single comment to thanks each and everyone of you, but it's almost impossible.
Every time I log into deviantART, there are so many incoming comments and messages... and my English skills are quite limited, I even spent a lot of time just to write this paragraph :(

I hope this journal can be an expression of my gratitude to everyone :)

my 3d models:

collaboration with my friend:
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wah, selamat gan, karya loe utk DA cont memang kena bgt. Jadi fave gue, ada unsur humor kartun waktu ngeliatnya :D
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I just wanted to add my congratulations to the already growing pile :D You created an excellent DD and well deserved the win :heart:
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ucapan selamat kepada mu! GOodness! it's been a while since I've spoken in Behasa Melayu ;p Even using seems foreign to me, but at least I know enough that it's correct.
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thank you for your efforts giving me a greeting in the local language :D
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^_^ i only can say a few words. I'm not sure if it's understandable since I studied Bahasa Melayu in Brunei. I have an Indonesian aunt who told it's somewhat different.

This is what I know so far, without reference:
Apa Khabar?
Kabar baik.
Kenapa anjing nya besar? Macam bola! Kasihan nya!
Apa itu?
Saya orang Pilipino. :p
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um's a bit different, but I still can understand it :D
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Good luck replying to over 1000 comments! haha, thats insane! But so well deserved. Congrats on both the win and the DD. :heart:
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thanks! but i know i can't reply a large number of comments, so i decided to wrote this journal to avoid that :D
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I just wanna say....

GOOD JOB ON WINNING~!! :iconcheerplz:
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lol Jeff you did wonderfully!
I am so very happy for you
thanks for taking the time to write this out haha! XD
it really is a well-deserved bunch of prizes!!
Man ive wanted that Intuos 4 for SO LONG!
Enjoy it!
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Walah, Anda orang Indonesia toh? Baru nyadar saya 'xD selamat ya!
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iya... makasih :)
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you are most welcome:hug:
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if you want fast English sentences, you can find a translator. those are faster
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google translate is cheaper... but less accurate as well :D
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