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Prob my most fav Dreamworks OTP. Caught How to Train Your Dragon 2 last weekend (it was released early in Malaysia) and my feeeeeeels~ if you haven't caught it yet, brace yourself right at the end of the second act. It's a heart wrenching moment and I applaud Dreamworks for having the guts to pull it off. The movie is simply amazing :D

EDIT: Btw, The aftermath of this scene is right here :XD:
You Know That Doesn't Wash Out by Jeff-Mahadi
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God, these two.... I need to rewatch the movies now ;_; Beautiful!

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I really like this piece of art! It is amazing! The feeling it gives is so light and gentle. I love the coloring, the lights, everything's just perfect. Well done! Clap 
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Gotta love them.
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Just wanted to let you Jeff-Mahadi know that this art piece has been recolored and edited by a user on Instagram called “evastrid.n.others”I’m sorry someone has edited your art 
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Just a lovely piece of work here. The coloring, in particular, is fantastic.
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Innocent and sweet - a perfect peaceful moment full of love
I love this picture! It's perfect, really! I'd like to use it as cover for my FanFiction if I may do so?
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Love the lighting!
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i gotta learn from you!!! this drawing is amazing
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so in the next movie will they have kids??
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Awwww... Lovely and cute...
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