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best to do this in semi chronological order i guess
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Reminds me of a more realistic version of a Gorillaz band member. Awesome work! :)
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Okay, watching this artist now. :D I love the style!
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hum... seems familiar to me, don't you? ;)
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sort of reminds me of Rebecca Crane from Assasins creed
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Uh- right.... the head phones.... that's what I'm looking at....>~>
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someone painted her up to look like Domino from Cable and X-Force, and it's floating around the 'net.
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That's cute. Thanks for the heads up. Got a link for it anywhere?
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She's a total babe, beautiful work :)
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perfect workshop
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Such a wonderful handling of perspective...
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sexy !!! nice work with face :)
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Dead ringer for Shannyn Sossamon. Good work!
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You HAD to have reference on her face... right?
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Indeed, though as I recall the reference didn't look too much like the result. It was mainly to get the lighting and shading right. The hair and facial proportions were different.
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Hope I can draw faces that well someday...
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the face is amazing.
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i seriously love this piece, the skin folding when she smile is really well done. i love this !!
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great job on the face.
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