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Simple rss widget
Zooper pro
Apex pro
Poweramp pro
Space potato icons(now changed to convy icons)
Searchbar is zooper

DanajX the saviour!
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Can you share Zooper pro skins please? La la la la 
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awesome,could you share the slider?
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never mind,i found it.
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It will be featured tomorrow on iCustomize:

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Use the file i posted,its already transparent
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Sorry but I need to ask again about the searchbar. I was able to make one following your instructions but I'm not able to remove the dark tint of the widget itself. I'm using the live background but still i am able to give it a clean transparent look like yours. .. plz help. . Thankyou
Jeetlebuice1's avatar…?

Rename the file to - and place in zooper/autosave folder.then add new widget to your desktop and look for the one u just added.
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Thankyou but I'd like to ask one more question...I was able to make the search bar as you told but I'm not able to remove the background dark tint on my widget. Your search bar is totally see through while mine has a small dark tint the size of the 3x1 widget I chose.  How do I make mine totally transparent like yours...???

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Dont forget the corners also.
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Add new widget 3x1.
Add rectangle and resize to fit widget.
Outline value 1 or 2.
Add static txt.
Widget on tap action,choose app.
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cud you explain how to get the searchbar with zooper??
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nice one, could you share the softkeys?
Jeetlebuice1's avatar…?

Included are wallpapers,space potato icons and the geo icon i used for widgetlocker.

Use any locker theme with transparent background and swap the slider icon with the one in the folder.
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Could your share all the files you used?

Thanks in advanced and keep up the awesome work!
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Nice! Please share the widgetlocker or the lockscreen mod.
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really cool wall, icons and player.
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very nice wallpapers. any link where to get them?
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