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Bea Eats

The girl just likes to eat! :9

I'm really proud of the detail and and composition on this one.

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I remember the image that giant burger came from
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This is legit me. I love food and I don’t care if I’m on the chubby side a little. At least I know better of what’s healthy or not and try not to eat a whole lot of junk. But food is like the oxygen to breathe and our need for survival, and I enjoy it so much.
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she's enjoying her cheat day

it’s adorable how you focused more on us watching her eat than gain weight, it’s a pretty refreshing turn.

(also, a good justification for this could be cuz we’ve already seen where this ended up. XD)

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FUN FACT: Bea actually loves sweets!

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I can't get over how good this is. The detail on the food is so nicely done, and I find it wonderful to see Bea just enjoying herself as she eats all of the food. Although I am a bit concerned about her looking at Alcremie like that, and the chibi doll version of Bea looks a bit out of place.

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The food looks delicious

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a girl eats substantial amounts of food and doesn't gain anything

wait that's illegal x3

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Nice reference with the burger

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Damn i was gonna say it! I'll do it anyway

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The detail of that food looks amazing. It must've took ages to do!

Bea also looks very cute in it~

She is lucky to stay so thin
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The way the picture and title was, for a second I thought you had reverted back to BBW art. Lovely piece though, she looks so happy.
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Mmmmh packin' into the calories 'cos excusing it with her hard work. Rather much. :3

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Guess we now see what lead to this cutie super sizing

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This is so cute.

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guys, i'm in the regret to inform you that jeetdoh is in very bad shape, he's now hospitalized for a bad case of "BEA-eatis".

1 like= 1 prayer

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