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Inktober Day 6 - Drooling


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Designing for city backpackers

Architecture Works

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Mixology science 01

Mixology Science

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Mkvenner Grunge

Gaunt's Ghosts

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Blood and thunder

Imperial Guard epic

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Ordo xenos helican


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Praetorian Life Guard

Warhammer 40K

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Kaiser's fiend


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Portrait 03


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Blue sky green tea


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The Cadian Way of Death

++“Cadians! Ten minutes!”++ Lieutenant Saef gave the Navy pilot a thumbs-up as affirmative when the vox signal chimed in his ear-set and began to relax his muscles. Sergeant Asael, his adjutant, grinned at him, his smile barely visible through the dark visor of his full-helm combat helmet. Saef grinned back but said nothing. Ten minutes. Ten minutes to deep strike into Tau territory via a heavily armoured Navy drop ship. Ten minutes before dropping down and setting thermal charges on a Tau generator and killing the aliens in the name of the Emperor. Ten minutes. “We take this generator out; we take out the Tau pulse-artille

Short stories

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Inktober Day 6 - Drooling


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Catachan wip2


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Mordian Ironheart


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