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Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pro Design Tutorial:Bow

This is a tutorial for making bows of various kinds in the Pro Design Creator/maker in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I hope you find it helpful or at least useful to some extent.

Next to each bow type is an empty little set of squares to practice bows in.

Each square in this tutorial represents one square in the PDC and is meant to be directly translated over to it.

For further help on the Pro Design Creator please reference the following tutorial:…
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this is awesome! it'd be even better if you could make the grids with the bows on them larger, perhaps. i can honestly barely see them, but this is still super helpful!
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There we go! I put up huge versions of the each bow as well as the frills from the frill tutorial in one image. ♥
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Oh! I can do that no problem actually! I'll get that done tomorrow =D
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This will be useful when I improve my Rozalin outfit in the game. Her dress needs to undergo some changes.
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I know what you mean. I'm having to redo a few of my cosplay outfits for AC so I can upload them here.

Also, good luck and I hope you wind up finding what you need. If you need a different size or kind of bow than what's here, let me know and I'll make some more.
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This is perfect. All your tutorials are very useful. :)
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Finally a bow tutorial!
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Yes indeed! I'm also hoping to upload a few more such as frills and corsetting soon too!
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