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Animal Crossing New Leaf Flower Icons

The wiki I belong to was using the circular icons for their representation of the base flowers. The violets and lilies had been represented by some icon from the Prima website which doesn't allow external linking so we had some huge grey faux-photos in their places instead. It was really unattractive and it bothered me so I made stand in icons for those 6 missing base icons.

After uploading them and editing the page, I realized they might be useful to anyone with a fan site, wiki, blog, or whatever thing you have dedicated to AC NewLeaf. So I'm putting them here for free use anywhere.

You do not need to credit me. All I ask is that you don't claim they're yours.

Feel free to save, link, share, etc.

Do not edit them.

If you want the hybrids I'll be making those next and I plan on making all of the hybrids for each flower. I need them for a hybridization guide I'm making any way. =P
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