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An introduction to making a Pro Design Dress

Practice Sheets can be found in the 'editables' and Animal Crossing folders.

Further Tutorials will be added later on and also linked to this tutorials description when as they're finished.

I apologize ahead of time for my horrible spelling and grammar. I did my best.
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This tutorial was truly eye opening, I feel more hopeful that I can create my own pro designs after reading it

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As a new player of ACNL and as someone who just discovered the joy of making designs, this is amazing. I haven't entirely processed all the text yet, but I recreated the long-sleeved dress template in the game so I can see it in action to reference it. I'm hoping it'll help me design better things (once I absorb all these explanations)!
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I hope it helps too! Even without the template or tutorials you'll definitely get the hang of it over time, It's just trial and error and you start to get used to where things cut and stretch. Good luck and I hope you continue to have fun with your designs!
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This will help so much, my designs will be so much better thanks to you. :)
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This will help greatly!
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I hope you get much use out of it =D
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This is really detailed; I'll definitely use it.
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I'm so glad! I tried to be as detailed and specific as I could be. Hopefully in the future I won't go as overboard with that. lol
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