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A shifter is an elemental demon possessing a biological body. They were originally created by the gods to fight in an epic war between elements. Now they hide among humans or animals. Shifters can change between four forms, animal, human, demon and titan form, hence their name.

Information about shifters:

Can I create my own shifter?

Can I create a energy shifter?
No there are only ten energy shifters. No more no less.

Can I create a black shifter?
No unfortunately not. They are closed due to their complexity.

Can I create a demon blood?
Well of course! (Though this guide focus on shifters)

What elements can you have?
Any atom or molecule is OK. You can also have power over something more general, like rock.

Organic matter
You can be organic matter, like cells, but not organs or organisms. Eg you can be liver cells or wood, but not liver or trees.

You can be man made material like plastic, but not an invention like a toaster.

Chemical reactions

Like oxidation or fire.

Biological processes

Like photosynthesis.

Energy form
It can also be an energy form such as lighting, light, explosion, etc.

Other things?
There can be other things, that are not on the list, if unsure ask creator.

How powerful is my shifter?
Strength sheet (this will be updated)

How do I know what faction my shifter belongs to?
Check the faction spreadsheet. If you’re unsure ask the creator.
Faction flowchart by Jedni

Do my shifter have to stay in that faction?
It depends on it’s element. You can’t join a faction where your element doesn’t belong, there are however lots of elements that fits into several factions, like iron it can join both: Mechanical/Thermal, Electric and Magnetic.

The factions Mechanical/thermal and Black are open for anyone to join.

Do my shifter have to work with the factions responsibility?
Not really. There are always other jobs that needs to be done. You can be a teacher, bar owner, show fighter or whatever. Only restriction is you can't take a job that falls within another factions responsibility. There is also the possibility of not having a job, maybe you live in the forest or are too busy maintaining a human persona.
You are however always expected to follow your faction leader’s orders.

What animals can you be?
A good rule of thumb is if it's an animal with four legs, lungs and some intelligence it's ok. Host animals can be mammals, reptiles or birds (but not snakes as they have no legs). It cannot be smaller than a rat. There is no upper limitation on the size of host animal, but remember it may not always be practical being an elephant. It must be a currently existing animal, no dinosaurs or unicorns (though you can make a horse with a horn). Shifters who care about their kids and wants to raise them usually plant them into dogs, cats or other domesticated animals they can keep track of them.

Be creative with your choice of host animal!

What visual traits can the shifters have in animal/human form?
This is where you can be creative! If you’re not sure or want ideas you can check the usual traits sheet. Remember that the traits must be represented in both demon forms in some way. In the human form the shifter can also have traits from their animal form, like animal ears, eyes and things like that. Colours usually corresponds with the element the shifter possess. Do remember a matter can have different colours depending on what form it's in. Just because it's colourless in one form doesn't mean it's colourless in all forms.The amount of traits depends on how powerful you shifter are. The stronger the shifter the less traits it has.

What do a demon/titan form look like?
The titan form looks like a humanoid 6-12 meters tall fantasy armour either made of or incorporated with the element. It has a dead look to it.

The demon look like a feral beast or dragon, this form is also either made out of their element or incorporated with it.

These are giant war machines, there is nothing cute about them.

Can I have a psychic ability?
Do you have a good reason to have one? I mean really really good reason? Have you planed to do something with it and write about it? If not, no. Psychic abilities are extremely rare.

Ask me first if it’s okay and tell me about your plans for it and we’ll see.

How old can my shifter be?
The shifters are immortal as long as no one kills them. There are however none of the original god made demons left and very few left who participated in the war. Your shifter should not be more than 3000 years old.

<100 years: Newcomer
You are new to the society, you are either in education or still have a mentor.

100 - 250 years: Young
You are considered young by the society, you are not likely to hold any higher positions.

250 - 500 years: Modern generation.
You are born after the industrial revolution.

500- 1000 years: Civilised generation.
You have enjoyed the benefit of living along humans for all your life.

1000 - 2000 years: Old
You might have lived before the factions are organized like they are today.

>2000 years: Ancient
You are among the oldest shifters alive

How do I pick a name?
If a shifter don’t have a name it’s simply called by its element. Few shifters have a name when the come to the society. They pick a name themself. If the shifter wants a human id the Radiation faction decides if it’s an acceptable human name or not. Some shifters never pick a name since they get used to being called by their element. Some shifters who got unique elements get only called by their element even though they want a real name.

What information should a character sheet contain?

Preferred from.
What element your shifter posses.
What faction it belongs to.
Whether it lives among humans, in the wild or a shifter community.
A list of the shifter- and animal traits.
The reference sheet shall include a visual guide of all forms. 
What weapon your shifter prefers to fight with in their titan form.

Photoshop template (small)
Photoshop template (big)
Gimp template
Written template

If you need help with anything leave a comment on the help document;


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My first reaction to these species was 'meh', but boy when I began reading deeper into it, you bet your ass my brain was getting more hooked up the further I went. This is one of the most complex personal species I've seen and I love it. It's one in the morning and I'm too tired to read and get informed about everything, but so far, count me impressed. Excellent job.
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Thank you! We spent a lot of time just having fun with it ourselves, I thing that adds a lot :P

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