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Humans by Jedni

Shifters spend a lot of time and resources to fit into human society. Compared to shifters humans have a very short lifespan and rapidly changing ideals and cultures, especially in the last centuries. Not all shifters are up to date with all human inventions but the society at large keep a good track on the humans.


Humans have a high-tech society with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Much of the work required for sustaining humanity, like food production, is done by robots. Humans spend a lot of their time engaged in virtual reality. They live extremely centralized in big cities with populations in the millions. In the last hundred years the human population have spiralled downwards. Most scientist thinks this is because people are too busy having fun in VR to rise kids.


In modern times humans in general have become secular, but values from the old religions persist through society. Many people still believe in the creation myth, with the gods creating four elemental demons, even if they aren't active participants in any religion. A lot of the classical art is influenced by the demon creation myth. Swears and expletives also contain reference to the gods or demons.

Confessus is the biggest religion in the world and based on the ancient myth of the four elemental demons. It preaches that the world was made in the constant battle between the demons, but as the war continued it was doomed to be ripped apart again. In the end the benevolent gods stepped in and killed the corrupt and evil demons, to save the world from destruction by their constant battles.

Demon bloods are seen as sign of the demons corrupt influence still lingering in the world. The reason demon bloods don’t occur in humans is contributed to the gods. It is believed the gods themselves created humans, therefore they are pure beings without corruption.

This is a branch of Confessus that believes that the battle between gods and demons still rage. Every year they look up in the stars and predict the end of the world.

Another important religion is the Neophytes. The main difference from Confessus is the view on the demons. They preach that you should be thankful to the demons that were killed by the gods, as they gave up their lives so the world could continue existing. They have a holiday celebrating this were they re-enact the war. Some Neophytes even go so far as to say that humans are the children of the elemental demons.

Needless to say Neophytes are not liked by Confessus. In the old days they were described as demon worshipping savages. Even if attitudes have changed with a more secular society discrimination against people with Neophyte heritage still happens.

Demon bloods

No one eats demon blood meat. This is due to the old religious value that demon bloods are impure and evil beings. They are however popular for sport hunting and trophies. Some people bread demon blood traits in domesticated animals.
There are persistent myths and legends about human demon bloods through human society. But they are considered as made up as vampires or unicorns.

One evolutionary theory suggests that evolution is driven by random demon blood mutations. The theory suggests that whenever a demon blood trait appears that gives the individual a benefit it will soon spread to entire populations, creating new species. It even went so far as to suggest that humans are demon blood monkeys.

The theory was of course abolished by the Confessus church as heresy. In modern times demon blood evolutionary theory have gained popularity, even though few believe in the monkey part.


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