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Deviation Actions

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Factions by Jedni

The shifters have divided themselves into factions depending on what type of power they have. Each faction has their own responsibilities in the society and each is governed by an energy shifter.


Elementshifter info - TheThermalMechanical Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
ElementShifter top council member - Thermal by YouAreNowIncognito
Loving, kind hearted, have a hard time remembering names. Her big passion is to find new shifters and to welcome them into the society. She’s got the main responsibility for the scouting groups and to find new shifters in the wild. In her world all shifters are welcome despite the elemental strength. She tries to work against the common notion that shifters with higher elemental strength are better.

Animal: Goat
Calm, may seem a bit confused at times. He tries to be very structured to able to lead big faction. But no one seems to understand his systems except for himself. He loves education and science. While Thermal takes more responsibility for the scouts Mechanical takes responsibility for the education. He tries to include more science into the basic shifter education but thermal thinks it’s unnecessary. He also tries to encourage all young shifters to take some years at a human university.

Second in command:

The faction’s main responsibility is finding new shifters and educating them about what they are.
They also maintain the training grounds used for training demon form shifts.

Teams of three to five shifters search the wilderness for undiscovered shifters. They often consist of shifters with different animal shapes so they can take advantage of a big range of natural abilities. They go after sightings, rumours and pure luck to find new shifters.

- All shifters are welcome in this faction.


Elementshifter info - The Chemical Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
ElementShifter top council member - Chemical by YouAreNowIncognito
Pompous, quiet, authoritative. Cares a lot for his shifters. Unforgiving, strict on his rules. Have a great sense of right and wrong.

Second in command:
Animal: Wolf
Element: Photosynthesis.

Chemicals main responsibility is keeping law and order in the society. There is always something for them to do as shifters are prone to fighting due to their nature. They are not the one to enforce the secrecy laws (that is electrical’s job) but rather the ones concerning shifter/shifter interactions. Murder another shifter and the hammer of justice that is chemical will get you.

Chemical is responsible of guarding criminals taken in by both their own faction and electrical. There is always someone at duty in the holding cell area.

The faction also takes care of and guard the big library containing shifters collected knowledge. The library includes an archive of all registered shifters, their powers, faction and whereabouts. Not all information in the archive is available for anyone, but a person from the electrical faction have an easier time to get hold on restricted things.

The organization in chemical is reminiscent of military organization. There are clear hierarchies and all members must train physically and their powers if they want to have a real job in the faction. To be able to have a higher rank you need a university education. This does not only prove that you are somewhat intelligent but also that you can interact with humans without trouble. You also need an even temper and good shifting control. Work in the archive have a flatter structure and less demanding, but is not seen as a high status position.

- People in chemical look out for each other, they are one big pack.
- Chemical is often seen as bullies towards weaker shifters as their organization heavily relies on shifters strength.
- Chemical have dress codes. They proudly wear similar garments to show that they belong to the faction.
- Rumor has it that deep in chemicals dungeons there are forgotten shifters that have been locked up for centuries.


Elementshifter info - The Electric Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
Electrical by Jedni
Harpy eagle
As chief of shifter secrecy Electrical is strict and uncompromising. She is born not long after the war with the gods ended. She has never seen a god herself, but lived in a time when the memory of them were fresh. Very few people know what she is like privately as she puts duty above everything else.

Second in command:
Animal: Antelope
Element: Lightning.


The faction’s main responsibility is keeping the shifters secret from the gods and the humans. This is done by controlling and manipulate human media. If a shifter attracts too much attention or breaks any of the laws concerning shifter secrecy, it is the electrical faction who arrest and punish them.

This faction has developed a lot of tech regarding controlling shifters powers, like chemicals holding blocks. Much of their tech is kept secret to prevent criminal shifters to come up with countermeasures.

Electrical is the faction that handles fake identity permissions of the shifters who interact with human society. Misbehave in any way and they will withdraw it and ban you from getting another for fifty years. They also kill non shifters that know too much and first generation demon bloods. To the shifter engaged in romantic relationship with a non-shifter the faction might seem cold hearted.

Electrical is divided into field agents and technical experts. There is also a science division who thinks of new things to use against rogue shifters.

The field agents often work in pairs, teamed up with someone with a similar animal form. This is because it facilitates rapid nonverbal communications between the agents, something that might be important in field. There are a lot of birds working as field agents as they have good mobility. The position is also common for predators as they might have to hunt down and kill humans and other shifters. Field agents are often equipped with a silver gun, a slow speed projectile weapon, used for forcing other shifters into animal form. This weapon can temporarily strip a shifter from its powers.

The technical experts spend their days monitoring human information flow. This way they can discover if any shifter has made themselves known in any way. They also destroy and discredit information that have any connection to the shifter society. If they encounter reports of unnatural events in the wild they handle over the information to T/M for further investigation of undiscovered shifters.

In contrast to other factions it’s not always your strength as a shifter that determines how high you can rise in ranks but how smart you are.

- By some the faction is considered cold hearted and evil.
- Computer hardware adapted for use in animal shape is called Monkey typewriter.
- If you prove yourself smart you might get a cookie.
- There is a backroom called the Room of Secrets at electric HQ. This is the place where you share information not meant for everyone.


Elementshifter info - The Magnetic Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
Animal: Grizzly
Magnetic cares for the humans and other living beings. She cares about the human society since she's been a big part in forming their society through the years. Though she still thinks they must have the freedom to develop without much influence. She's a bit sad the humans are going towards a society where they forget about real world.

Second in command:

The magnetic factions job is to infiltrate the human society and make it work for the benefit of shifters. This can be anything from city planning and environmental policies to just running a bar down the street were shifters can be themselves. Common human careers are politicians, cops, government officials, newspaper owners and so on.

Magnetic members seldom get specific orders o how do their job, it's more guidelines and then they are expected to figure out themselves how they best can benefit shifter society.

- Minister Shaw is a magnetic shifter with her own human political party.


Elementshifter info - The Radiation Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
Animal: Cat
She's the youngest of the ten energy shifters and one of the few people born as human. Have no real experience of leading her faction since she spent all her life looking after nuclear, she tries to keep good relations with her shifters though. Towards the rest of the court she has a rebellious behavior. She spends a lot of her time studying about the gods and the war.

Second in command:
Animal: Deer
Element: Light.

The faction’s main responsibility is to take care of and hide weaker shifters. They do this by organizing communities and the infrastructure needed for towns like Norfolk. They also take care of the administrative work for those places.

Radiation is the faction that handles human IDs. They hack registries, make fake birth certificates and so on.

Another thing the faction have taken upon themselves is to work against discrimination towards weaker shifters. Radiation is mainly made up of strong shifters, but they are taught as they enter the faction that all shifters are equal and you should not use your elemental strength to bully weaker individuals. This part of the faction deals a lot with the chemical faction, as their organization is based on elemental strength.

Radiation works like a well-oiled machine. There is a lot of administrative work to be done in the fact though, many of the faction’s members did not expect to end up pushing papers.

- The faction is in praxis governed by Askr as Radiation is busy babysitting Nuclear.
- Askr signs his letters “Askr, leader of the radiation faction”. Radiation does not know this.
- Radiation is the youngest of the energy shifters. The old Radiation was accidentally killed by Nuclear.


Elementshifter info - The Nuclear/Sound Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
ElementShifter top council member - Nuclear by YouAreNowIncognito
A small troublemaker. He's not a stable person and no one actually really wants him on the court. He's a good friend with Sound who takes care of his faction for him and with Radiation who looks out for him. The court force him to stay in his animal form at all times to minimize the risk of a nuclear disaster. He's a paranoid, manic and destructive person.

Animal: Striped hyena
Sound is the kind of person you'd never thought would take any kind of responsibility, but when he's given responsibility he does a darn good job. He takes care of the nuclear fraction instead of Nuclear himself. But he often asks Nuclear what he thinks and keeps a good communication. He has a strong passion for music and loves to arrange big parties for the nuclear fraction.

Second in command:

They take care of the societies economics. They provide money for magnetic members to pursue political careers and for chemical members to attend to human universities. It is nuclear who takes care of housing for those who wish to live outside shifter districts. They will often try to place shifters in the locations they wish to live, as long as it’s not deemed a risky area and it fits with the human identity you have.

There second responsibility is to make sure there isn't too much matter being made by matter based shifters. Like gold. They have on several occasions had to have gold shifters arrested for wrecking the economy.


As Nuclear himself is not a very stable person the faction is led by Sound, whose own faction contains no other person than himself.

- Sound throws the best parties known to shifterkind. Everyone from nuclear is always welcome, others need a sought after invitation. (Gravity of course comes uninvited every time.)


Elementshifter info - The Elastic Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
Animal: Baboon
Elastic loves all kind of technology. She is a creative multi tasker with an infectious personality. She spends a lot of the shifter society’s money buying all kind of tools and materials, both necessary and unnecessary, for her faction’s shifters.

Second in command:

Elastic creates shifter-adapted tools and clothes. Chemicals flame-safe robes and Electrics Monkey typewriters are made by the faction. For individuals they happily make clothes with room for tails and spikes and other things. They also make excellent makeup for hiding extravagant skin colors.

Elastic is organized into creative guilds working on different shifter adapted objects and tools.

- Elastic HQ is very much adapted for animals and most members spend their time there in animal shape when they don't need hands.


Elementshifter info - The Gravity Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
ElementShifter top council member - Gravity by YouAreNowIncognito
One of the oldest shifters alive, took part in the war at the beginning of time. Also took a big part in forming the society, but have the latest thousands of years let the other energy shifters take care of it. Since he had no shifters in his own faction he has no big interest in ruling over the society. In crisis he steps up to guide the rest of the council. Does things without asking the rest of the council.

Second in command:
Elementshifter - Neutron by YouAreNowIncognito
Snow leopard
After being tossed around factions like a hot potato Neutron ended up with Gravity. He is not entirely happy about this.


Gravity proudly reside over his one-man army.

- There are only two members in gravity. (And Neutron shouldn't even be there.)


Elementshifter info - The Black Faction by YouAreNowIncognito
Wilfred Mercier,
Animal: Jackal
Element: Black holes.

Second in command:

They are a rebel faction that wants to create a new world where they themselves can be gods.

The black faction is ruled by a small core group of mysterious shifters with unique powers.


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