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A shifter is an elemental demon possessing a biological body. They were originally created by the gods to fight in an epic war between elements. Now they hide among humans or animals. Shifters can change between four forms, animal, human, demon and titan form, hence their name.
If you want to make you own here is the creation guide;

What are the origin of shifters?
The shifters were originally created by the gods to battle each other until only one remained. That shifters element would be the one the world would be created from. According to legend the first four shifters were Earth(solid material), Water(liquid material), Air(gaseous material) and Fire(chemical reactions). In the end of the war the gods decided to kill all elemental demons. They hid themselves as animals and have stayed hidden since in fear of the gods wrath.
The legend of the dawn wars persist even in human culture. What humans don’t know is that shifters still hide from the gods in the shape of animals.

What are common opinions about the gods?
All shifters are taught to fear the gods. No one has however seen the gods since the end of the war and there are many who doubt their existence. There aren't many left who participated in the war and have actually seen the gods for themselves.

What are the forms of a shifter?

Animal - Shifters are born in the form of an animal. This is the preferred form by most.

Human - Shifters have the ability to take the shape of a human. Finding your human form for the first time is often done by the help of an older shifter though it is possible to discover on your own.

Demon - One of the two true forms.

Titan - A humanoid demon form that gives the shifter the ability to make use of weapons.

Check out info sheet for more;
Element Shifters - The diffrent forms by YouAreNowIncognito

How are shifters born?
Shifters don’t give birth to their own children. To create a new shifter, two sifters (they don’t have to be different sex) get together and merge their soul essence. This creates a soul embryo. This embryo is then guided to, or more common left to find its own, surrogate mother to give it a physical form to be born as. If an embryo enters a mother that is too week to handle the inherent magic of the embryo the mother will die and the soul embryo will start searching for another. This is why the most powerful shifters, the energy shifters, are born as humans even though it’s forbidden to use humans as hosts.

Do they age?
A shifters physical body ages until maturity. For human form this means that shifters age until they are somewhere between twenty and thirty years. If a shifter likes to look older than this they have to actively change the way their body looks. Shifters can mentally affect how their body appears, if they maintain a strong mental image of themselves as older they will age to match that image. The same way they can reverse the process if they wish to look young again, but they can't age to something younger than adult age. This aging only affects looks and not physique.

What damage can they heal?
Shifters can heal almost any damage to their physical bodies, but it takes time. Lost limbs can be regrown much like a lizard. Under certain circumstances damages can be made permanent. As shifters mental states affect how their physical bodies look a shifter who believes they can’t heal something will not heal it. It you for example repeatedly cut of a limb without allowing it to heal properly, the shifter will start to think of that limb as missing and it will stop trying to heal. Damages like this is generally shows in both animal and human forms, sometimes even in demon forms.

How do you kill a shifter?
Shifters don’t die from old age and they are sturdy but not immortal. Simplest way is to shoot right in their head when they are in a biological form.

How are shifters discovered?
The mechanical/Thermal faction have groups of scouts looking through the wilderness. They go after sightings, rumours and pure luck.
Some shifters discover their powers themselves. They tend to seek for their own kind and comes into contact with the shifter society when trying to find out who they are.

What does shifter education look like?
The thermal/mechanical faction takes care of the basic education of all shifters. Here they learn to write, read, do math, they learn about their species, their history and the humans. After they are done they can choose either to go back into the forest and live like animals or to be a part of the society. If they choose to stay they are assigned to the different factions where they get a personal mentor who teach them about their demon forms and their new responsibilities.

How are family ties between shifters?
Since the shifters use surrogate mothers they keep a very bad track of their family ties. They have no direct way track their relatives since their DNA doesn’t work as normal biological beings. They don’t inherit their elements or looks so the only certain way to tell if you’re related is to track the surrogate mother to your child.

What is the difference between normal shifters and energy shifters?
The energy shifters control one of the ten energy forms.
The normal shifters only control one specific thing.

What is the council's function?
The council are the rule makers and leaders over the community. It consists of the ten energy shifters who also serves as faction leaders.
They strive for their species survival and a good environment for all inhabitants of the world, both shifters and non shifters.

What are the different factions and who rules them?
To make things confusing the leaders have the same names as the factions;
- Thermal / Mechanical
- Chemical
- Electrical
- Magnetic
- Radiation
- Nuclear / Sound
- Elastic
- Gravity

What are the factions responsibilities and what does organization in the factions look like?
See factions;

What does the Laws look like?
The laws of shifter society is agreed on by the council. Most laws focus on shifters remaining hidden.
See laws;

Is relationships with non shifters allowed?
As long as you don’t violate secrecy laws or produce demon blood offspring no one cares. As non shifter creatures live so much shorter than shifters some consider such a relationship as nothing more than a diversion.

What is a demon blood?
Demon blood is a non shifter with genetic relations to a shifter. Somewhere in their family history a shifter produced offspring with a non shifter. They have odd traits that is similar to that of a shifter that can persist through generations. First generation demon bloods almost exclusively have the non shifter as mother as a shifters body would absorb the foetus when shifting.

Are there human demon bloods?
Few things are more forbidden than creating human demon bloods. Electrical will find out and kill them. For all points and purposed there can be no human demon bloods. There are however persistent myths and legends about them through human society.

What does the human world look like?
See humans;

Which locations exist in the world?
See locations;

Who are the black shifters and what are their plans?
The black shifters are a group of four shifters with extraordinary elements. They are based on the dark forces of the universe. Black hole, Worm hole, antimatter and dark matter. They are lead by the Jackal Wilfred Mercier also know as Black Hole. The black shifters goal is to create a new world where they can live in peace from the gods.

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