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Atori's giant problems by jediRevan11 Atori's giant problems :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 3 0 Atori wanderer of the galaxcy by jediRevan11 Atori wanderer of the galaxcy :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 1 9
The Tails doll's new pred life pt2(vore)
        "URRRRRRP!~ hehehe" The tails doll would burp loudly after digest his large meal of kids. He looked at himself, noticing he was about taller than the kids he ate already. "Hmmmmm murrr~ more heheh....but something lighter....hmmmm hehe I kown what to eat!" He said with a devilish grin as he waddled his new taller and fat fur form. He would see a teacher along with several kids gathering near the bus. "Oh my...where in the world is the bus Driver?!...Ehhh this isn't good....Children are missing, the bus driver is gone too, and it looks like we're stuck here with destroyed tired!" The teacher said, but trying to calm herself in the presence of frighten children. She would try prying the doors to the bus open with the help of a few of the children i the group. The doll smiled more as they tried getting into the bus
:iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 3 2
Flora the anthro orca by jediRevan11 Flora the anthro orca :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 4 4 A nice toy meal (vore gift) by jediRevan11 A nice toy meal (vore gift) :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 5 51 Revan's new look pt 2 by jediRevan11 Revan's new look pt 2 :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 0 7 Revan's glad to have you for lunch! hehe by jediRevan11 Revan's glad to have you for lunch! hehe :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 4 3 Mr. Blob Peabody's rampage (vore) by jediRevan11 Mr. Blob Peabody's rampage (vore) :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 2 36 Mechanical assistant by jediRevan11 Mechanical assistant :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 2 0 Revan ready to defend by jediRevan11 Revan ready to defend :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 0 1
The puppets happy meal.(vore)
(!)Disclaimer I do not have a fixed date i finish these and I do have others I have to do, I only ask for patience since like all of you I get busy in real life as well.(!)
PS: The Marionette is female in this story, if the requester likes I can redo it for a male Marionette if it does bother him.
        It was a breezy evening At Freddy faze bear pizzeria, the company workers loading in a new create. "Alright guys lets get this create right loaded right in the prize corner of the building!"  The worker yelled out to his partner in the truck before opening the back of the truck. "More Plushies? heh I though we were suppose to deliver those Wednesday and Friday only." The Partner said as he came to the back of the truck as it was being opened. "Nah it's something else, the company says it's an anim
:iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 4 9
Marrionette after a happy meal by jediRevan11 Marrionette after a happy meal :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 2 1
The fanf SNLF livestream pt5 RS. Bonnie edition
        "Cmon guys lets hurry and swap our couch in with Him! Grrrr gees he's heavier than the couch!" Nightmare said as he and Springbonnie places tried pushing Rock star Bonnie towards the living room area where the couch was. "Hold on Me and Fredbear will help you guys when we get this couch in our room" Lefty said as he and Fredbear lifted the couch together with ease compared to how his other friends were handle the bright bloated bunny. Soon Lefty and Fredbear would get the couch in their room quickly and than rush over to help move Rock star Bonnie to where the couch was at previously. They all began pushing inflated bunny, slowly making progress as Rock star Bonnie was being rolled like a ball until he was planting the living room, facing sideways from the main camera that would record. "Woooo! he sure weighed a lot more than I thought! Heh next time
:iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 3 13
One of the many Drawsern soldiers by jediRevan11 One of the many Drawsern soldiers :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 0 0
Raffina's lover
            It was a humid early spring, as the school morning began with Draco and her brother James being the first in there class. They would sit across from each other before the their teacher and most of their fellow class mates came in and sat in there desks. This day was going to be different in two ways. First he didn't want Arle's and his sister rivalry to deter him from asking Raffina out without worrying about a rivalry. Second He planed for two scenarios, so if he does get rejected nicely it wont be awkward in the future for him and Raffina. "Well today is the day...Arle and Jaey are out on the field trip together so not trouble from my sis." James said to himself in thought as he finished writing his love note for Raffina, not putting her name on it so he can lie and say it was from someone else. "Okay lets do it now." He said again to himself sliding the folded not towards Raffina's desk, only to get intercepted by Draco's fire brea
:iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 4 2
Imperical Bodyguard by jediRevan11 Imperical Bodyguard :iconjedirevan11:jediRevan11 1 13


Mature content
Everyone Has A Talent (Full Tour) :iconschpadoinkle61:Schpadoinkle61 28 1
Jack and the Dragon Girl (Full Tour No Scat)

Kai-Shela, in all her glory.

Jack's Dragon Girl: A Full Tour Vore Story
 "Jack!" Yelled Kotsumo. "Jack, come here!" A young man ran toward him. His name was Jack, defender of Emberlog. But he prefers to be called Jack. Anyway, he ran over there and asked "What is it?" He  asked, sword in hand. Kotsumo led him to a room with data tables and dragon posters. He pointed to an unusual poster of a dragon humanoid, with a marking that said Unslain Beast. "This is Kai-Shela, dragon girl. She is the greatest threat to Emberlog." Went Kotsumo.  "She has to be slain before she claims anymore lives."  Hearing that, Jack was eager to stain his sword with her blood. He wanted to be an actual world-renowned hero. Kai-Shela was actually an international threat, and he wanted to be the one that brings her to her knees. Once he learned her location, he set off.
Beckoning Plateau
He went to
:iconkirsten8:kirsten8 55 17
Ran x Chen vore comic 4 by Hughoftheskies Ran x Chen vore comic 4 :iconhughoftheskies:Hughoftheskies 65 0 Be Good for Toriel by OptixPanda Be Good for Toriel :iconoptixpanda:OptixPanda 133 53 ancident with Necklance by RedFoxCZ033 ancident with Necklance :iconredfoxcz033:RedFoxCZ033 3 0 Sheriko The Mouse! by Subject-D3LTA Sheriko The Mouse! :iconsubject-d3lta:Subject-D3LTA 6 6 Deer Rear by LotusLaFawn Deer Rear :iconlotuslafawn:LotusLaFawn 193 73 Watch out! She is about to sneeze!!! by MetalX4473 Watch out! She is about to sneeze!!! :iconmetalx4473:MetalX4473 3 11 Ragnarahk Commission: Bitter Sweet Love Page 6 by Just-A-Little-Vore Ragnarahk Commission: Bitter Sweet Love Page 6 :iconjust-a-little-vore:Just-A-Little-Vore 554 106 Inside Hinata Vore POV 1/2 by JitenshaSW Inside Hinata Vore POV 1/2 :iconjitenshasw:JitenshaSW 589 51 Stuffed and Smelly by Junited Stuffed and Smelly :iconjunited:Junited 22 462 Springtrap mouth by luciotasexy777 Springtrap mouth :iconluciotasexy777:luciotasexy777 5 19
Micro instincts
[WARNING: This is a PONY FANFICTION Inspired by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  This story involves Vore, Micro/Macro and implied digestion.
Read at own risk.  If you read it and don't like it/hate it, please keep criticism fair and don't post your hate.  Thank you.]
"Um.....hello?" A tiny voice among the leaves of an old tree spoke up, but there wasn't a sound.  The wind simply blew on by, dragging the leaves with it.  One of the leaves that flew by smacked into a tiny creature, no more than three inches tall, and made her flail her tiny arms and legs about, trying to get it off.
"Help!" she cried out, but again there was nothing, so the creature was helplessly dragged down to the ground.....until it was pulled off by another creature of equal size and height.  It was a pegasus, a black one with a silver mane, and he wore a rather shocked look on his face when he discovered another pony beneath the massive leaf.  
"Wha..." he muttered,
:iconmoderatornote:ModeratorNote 34 194
Vore story: New Friends
if you don't like it, leave.
Great. Just great. I ask for some company, and I get a Naga. As if I wasn't worried enough. Nagas are known for eating humans, and the last thing I wanted was to be snake chow. Even then, they only swallow their food whole. The thought of being trapped alive in some creature's gut was even more sickening, though it had never happened to me before, and I wanted to keep it that way.
"You sure you don't want to turn back, James?" Corran's soft voice broke the silence. We had been wandering the forest for hours, and it was getting late. Corran's home was a half-mile behind us. My feet felt like lead after walking for so long. Corran was lucky; all he had was a snake's body from the waist down. His long white hair blew calmly in the subtle wind.
"I do want to turn around," I admitted. "But I'm afraid we won't make it back before nightfall." Corran smirked.
"Why? Are you scared?" He mocked good-naturedly. I scoff.
"No. You jumping down
:iconfurrymind13:Furrymind13 63 45
Sick Day -Anthro-
The little mouse shuddered as she sneezed yet again, a pitiful little whimper following as she huddled further under the blanket and dabbed at her nose with a tissue. She supposed she was just lucky that today was her day off…she doubted Rufus would want her in the pub or bookstore in her current condition. The hare would have no doubt just sent her right back home...
Just the thought of venturing out in the wet winter day made her body ache all the worse and she chittered miserably as she fought off another sneeze and cuddled up under the mountain of blankets.
Sam was sick. She HATED being sick.  
Sleep came to her in broken bits…her fever making it shallow and filled with plotless dreams and the afternoon seemed to drag on for forever…
But at last, the sound of the front door opening woke her from her sleep and the mouseling groaned softly, violet eyes opening a fraction to peer towards the large entrance of her own sub-apartment….she could see her roomm
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 32 15
A friendly game of cat and mouse
A friendly game of cat and mouse
By: The Hungry Husky
Characters: Mica, and Dwayne.
Mica was laying on her favorite spot in her house, the couch. Rolling around while rolling up papers of catnip, she noticed her roomate, Dwayne. A small anthro mouse. He walked off and waved for a second before heading to the kitchen. Her stomach growled and she rubbed it. "When was the last time we had a little fun..." She thought as her stomach begged for food. "Dwa-yne, can you come here for a second?" She heard the fridge close and he came back with a small piece of cheese that was large to him. "Yes?" He asked. "You feel like playing a game?" She said with her trademark smile. He knew what she meant and sighed. "Ah sure why not. Let me finish this first."
  After he finished his cheese he got up and hid while she waited. Even though she knew where he was hiding already, she gave him a slight chance to see the outside world before becoming her snack. She stalked along the floor with her pa
:iconthehungryhusky:TheHungryHusky 29 3



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I like trying new things and meeting new faces ^~^. I respect all fetishes other than vore and feetplay. I am shy at times but i try to be out there. I love to rp a lot, doesn't have to be fetish based ^~^. I try to be there if i can, and have lots of fun.



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Atori's giant problems
My third attempt at trying to draw a comic ^^; lets just say That posting the first two may either keep you up at night or make you laugh hard ^^;.
Was requested by  :iconsuicidesquadarchives: hope he likes it ^^ he himself draws amazing art.
Atori is from Space Chickens In Space.
Atori wanderer of the galaxcy
First I like to say that I wasn't able to perfectly draw a certain background for Atori, Hopefully the one who requested wont mind this ^^;
Was requested by  :iconsuicidesquadarchives: hope he likes it ^^ he himself draws amazing art.
Atori is from Space Chickens In Space
Looks like a wanderer has a bad ich, good thing he found a nice fence to rub off on :)

        "URRRRRRP!~ hehehe" The tails doll would burp loudly after digest his large meal of kids. He looked at himself, noticing he was about taller than the kids he ate already. "Hmmmmm murrr~ more heheh....but something lighter....hmmmm hehe I kown what to eat!" He said with a devilish grin as he waddled his new taller and fat fur form. He would see a teacher along with several kids gathering near the bus. "Oh my...where in the world is the bus Driver?!...Ehhh this isn't good....Children are missing, the bus driver is gone too, and it looks like we're stuck here with destroyed tired!" The teacher said, but trying to calm herself in the presence of frighten children. She would try prying the doors to the bus open with the help of a few of the children i the group. The doll smiled more as they tried getting into the bus, which had the doors closed and no bus driver inside. "Oh this will be a very filling feast~ All of them trapped in there just for me to enjoy~" His grin widen as he lurks around the thick bushes near the broken down bus. It was getting breezy on this cloudy afternoon. The tails doll would hear  the soft rumbles from his belly and have saliva dripping from his mouth in anticipation of the feast he'll enjoy soon.  He licked his smooth lips with his warm, saliva covered, light orange tongue. He crept as closes as he could, soon after some time as passed he saw that they were making progress in opening the bus doors. This made his belly growled softly as the churning became more intense, though he made sure to hold a long burp that was trying to get out as this happened. Puddles of drool appeared near his feet as he was very eager to eat them all in a different yet pleasing way. "Alright children once we open this get i and wait. I'll call the police and look for the others if I can..." She said in a hushed tone while prying open the doors slowly apart.
        "Grrrrrrrrrrawwwwwwwww!" The doll's belly rumbled very loudly, alerting the children and teacher that were about to enter the bus. "Hmmm what was that?...Oh god run! get in quick!" The teacher said rushing in a few of the kids before running in. The doll itself jogged its chubby form towards bus doors. "Hehe yes yes~ run into the bus where I don't have to work for it~" The tails doll said with a calm menacing tone, with his now jiggling belly. As he got to the doors the teacher would try to shut the doors, but the doll would be there keeping it open. "Heheheheh DRRRRRAASH that's one door you wont be closing on me~" He said I a soft menacing voice, his fatty saliva coated tongue licking his smooth lips as he slowly got in. "Run! Open the back door quick and ru-" the teacher was cut off from the slightly shorter tails doll grabbing her. "Hope you like tight warm spaces when the rest of your class joins you hehhe~ Don't worry you'll get back into your body once I had all the fun i can~" He wink with a terrifying grin to the shaking teacher. The kids in the back of the bus would watch, some desperately trying to open the back door. The tails drool opened his mouth wide, showing thick saliva dripping maw and wide pulsating throat. the teachers cries of terror were muffled by the doll's hand over her mouth. "Heh, I have to eat you another method since I'm o a new diet for a bit~ don't worry though It's not going to hurt...much~" He said that to the teacher whom is now shaking in fear, struggling in the doll's grasp. The teacher felt rather heavy, struggling more as she turned blue. The doll would reposition it's grip, a thud behind the teacher along with a few screams from the children. The teacher glances back to them, her eyes widening when she saw what looked like her body. "AHHHHHHHH!" she screamed before being pressed onto the doll's warm wet tongue. "Mmmmmmh!~ I did say I was on a diet now~ you may be a lot less filling but you sure taste great hehe, hope you kids are ready because all of you are going in my belly~ hahah!" The doll chuckled as he licked hard at the teacher's soul, looking at all the prey he can eat. The teacher's screeching screams were muffled by the tails doll's tongue. As he scoops i the teacher into his humid moist mouth the children would notice the door in the back wouldn't open.
        "GLURRR GLLORRRRP GLUNK!~ ahhhh~ hehe I didn't spend too much on her but I'll take my time with you guys~ hehehe" He giggled to himself as he felt the teachers soul slide down his slippery throat and to his stuffed looking belly. The kids would try opening the windows in the back of the bus, seeing the tails doll getting closer and closer slowly. "Gotcha! hehe Mmmmh~ not bad, sour like lemon~" The doll said after grabbing one of the kids and tasting them. He would quickly separate the boy's soul from his body, noticing that the children were slowly climbing out of the bus through the windows. "you can all run but I'll enjoy finding you all~ heheh MHHHH!~" The doll would toss the child's soul into his mouth, tasting every bit of the boy as he struggled. "Soo tasty hehe~ too bad I have to make this Quick~ GLK GLORRRRRRRP! GLARRRRRRK!~" the tails doll swallowed hard as the the boy struggle hard to avoid going down, the doll walked closer to the children as he swallowed hard. "Ahhhh!~ hehe only two? well that's fine~ I guess exercise wont hurt!~" He said grinning seeing all but too got away, while finally feeling his prey fall into his large belly. Right as the two remaining kids went to climb out through the window the tails doll tackled them to the ground, his heavy, yet soft fluffy body on them. "No need to scream and cry~ you'll all be fine once I had you all~" He said soothingly
compared the kids cries underneath him. He then got up, grabbing both there souls out from their bodies in each hand as he gave a wide toothy grin. "Now you too get ready it'll be packed i my mouth with the two of you squirming~ hehe Mmmmmmh!~ ohhh yess that's soo good~ the taste, the squirming all of it!~" He said before tossing them into his saliva ridden mouth, loving their taste and struggling as his cheeks puff out with them. He would mush them around the roof of his mouth, cheeks and even under is warm mushy tongue. After a few minutes of going taste happy, mushing them around his mouth and teasing them close to his throat he was ready to finish them. "Ahhhh~ you both were soo tasty~ tell the other two in there h- hehe ad tell them to squirm in me more~ hahaha" He told the two before tilting his head up, feeling them slipping from his fat slick tongue. "GLK GLURRRK GLUNK!~" the tails doll swallowed slowly to take in the delectable moment. After a while of Savoring the moment he felt them squeeze into his belly. "URRRRRRRRPP~ Ahhh that was great~ hehe time to get the rest in me now, Ohh and keep squirming inside you guys. I sure love it~" The tails doll said as he patted his bloated grumbling  belly from the large wet burp, before going to get off the weighed down bus. He would begin his search for the rest of the kids, running on all fours and tracking them down. 
<<<To be continued.>>>      
The Tails doll's new pred life pt2(vore)
Warning soul vore right ahead, don't read if it offends you. No, I disagree! 
Hello everyone ^^ hope my lack of stories wasn't concerning ^^; Had to deal with a few things IRL, but I'm back and ready :)
Tails doll is owned by
Was requested by :iconugandadoggy:
(Ps: I though i submitted it yesterday but i'm doing it now since it's okay to have your phone out at lunch in school.)
Flora the anthro orca
Made for my friend ^^ :iconwhite-wyvern-realms: Hope he doesn't mind the background I drew his character in^^;
The OC Flora is owned by :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:
I'll have a story doe o Saturday to start off with finishing requests :D, there's a catch! please don't ask if your story is the one I'm working on ^^; I'm doing all your requests.
I'm not as active anymore and while i love making story's i have school and family to worry about to. They don't know i draw or make these and each day i have to worry about them finding out. But even if that wasn't the issue My art really isn't any good compared to the people i watch. My storys, I have  no regrets yet less motivating to write. I'm not a person who does trial and error often. I'm my eyes it looks okay but in my mind i hear...well think it's not worth it. I can't even say no to requests even if I'm at a limit on how many I can safely do. Call me a coward or wose or what ever but i only really hate myself really, everyone else i look up to. I thank all of you for being kind, supporting, even just talking with me once in a while. But i just want to know what you think? And i will be making 3 story's and ny october 13th i may leave deviant art... It's not fame or stuff like that, just that i feel like my quality is non existant, time to do these fanfictions? and it doesn't take much for me to like or abandon my own passions or hobbies. Your all free to talk to me share your ideas....just comment down if i should stay or just quit DA if I'm leaving I'll leave my discord tag for you to find me....if I'm staying i like to add a few things I'll be doing may make you all .... View how i try writing differently...Love you all...i say love yourselves but i don't to me.....but try to for you guys ^^;. Comment down what you think

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