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MLP:FiM Mortal Pony Kombat II by SonictheHedgehogPL MLP:FiM Mortal Pony Kombat II :iconsonicthehedgehogpl:SonictheHedgehogPL 385 123 MLP: FiM - Mortal Pony Kombat by SonictheHedgehogPL MLP: FiM - Mortal Pony Kombat :iconsonicthehedgehogpl:SonictheHedgehogPL 428 185 Hey down there by TjarvinenGTS Hey down there :icontjarvinengts:TjarvinenGTS 30 4 Giantess Shy by TjarvinenGTS Giantess Shy :icontjarvinengts:TjarvinenGTS 18 4 What if Twilight gets on Rarity's shoulder by arvinsharifzadeh What if Twilight gets on Rarity's shoulder :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 5 0 The Unstoppable Growth (CMC version) by AusKeldeo The Unstoppable Growth (CMC version) :iconauskeldeo:AusKeldeo 29 4 What if G4 Pinkie Pie gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if G4 Pinkie Pie gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 4 0 What if G4 Rainbow Dash gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if G4 Rainbow Dash gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 4 0 What if Fluttershy gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if Fluttershy gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 6 0 What if G4 Rarity gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if G4 Rarity gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 7 0 What if Applejack gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if Applejack gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 7 1 What if Twilight Sparkle gets a belly rub by arvinsharifzadeh What if Twilight Sparkle gets a belly rub :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 5 1 Applejack tours Johannesburg by TheOtterPony Applejack tours Johannesburg :icontheotterpony:TheOtterPony 21 15 Evil VS Evil (MLPS8E13) by JonFawkes Evil VS Evil (MLPS8E13) :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 384 40 Fluttershy visiting Kentucky by TheOtterPony Fluttershy visiting Kentucky :icontheotterpony:TheOtterPony 28 25
ERB Darth Vador vs Tempest Shadow
Epic rap battle of history
Darth Vador
Tempest Shadow
[Darth Vador]
My name is Darth Vador, but you can call me Anakins
a pony lost her horn is a drama who's the wimp
trusting the Storm King to get your revenge
but you're way overpowered by your own pony friends
I will use the force and strangle you good
how did you get a scar it should be gone as it would
I'm nore popular than your Canterlot invading
I can beat Equestria and all the little ponies
[Tempest Shadow]
You can't defeat me Vador because you're not evil
you just want your son Luke to join and rule the world
I plan to get things done, but you are such a waste
my horn might be broken, but it will still work today
cannot keep up with the Jedi with the Death Star destroyed
you couldn't do invasion well I must not enjoy
I can beat Twilight Sparkle than your annoying son Luke
you might've beaten to him, but you make me wanna puke
[Darth Vador]
I may not puke, but at least I'm not purple
your real name is so lame, and it so
:iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 4 0



Yeah, I'm letting my anger out again, this time it's about MLP haters in general as well as my experiences with them.

Even before I officially considered myself a brony around 2014, I still enjoyed the show. However, I didn't actually watch it because back in the day, there were haters pretty much everywhere. Mostly on YouTube, and whenever a YouTube video had even one pony or MLP reference, there were haters whining in the comments. All this bullshit like "U LIK PONIES, SO UR GAI AND ST00P1D!" or "OMG, MLP LIK RUINZ EVRYTHING!!11!!111", and people calling it "cringe" or "cancer" whenever they see anything related to MLP. Then there was practically a war going on between bronies and anti-bronies. The haters were just plain pissing me off. Like, jeez, if you don't like MLP then you don't have to complain about it. And we can like MLP if we want to. Liking MLP does NOT make us gay OR stupid, and we DON'T like it because we like to "FAP 2 FUXING PONEE PR0N"! We like it for pretty much the same reasons we like any other cartoon: The animation, the characters, the personalities, the music, the morals, stuff like that. If anything, the haters are the ones who are stupid. Just needed to rant.
Hey, I'd just like to let you know that I just recently (I think it was yesterday) got a new TV Tropes account. I haven't made very many edits, but I made a few:

I Thought It Meant / M to N

Nightmare Face is not A scene where a character has to face their worst nightmare, though such a scene may include one.
  • Nor is it a face you get when you have a nightmare, but rather, a face that gives you one.

I Thought It Meant / O to R

I Thought It Meant / G to I

  • Likewise, Heroic R.R.O.D. isn't about broken Xbox consoles fighting evil.

I Thought It Meant / S to T

I Thought It Meant / U to W

I may update this journal with more edits I make, so I suggest you check this journal fairly often for more edits. I'm having some fun with this.
Hey, remember how in one journal I mentioned how the people complaining about the MLP Movie were a vast minority compared to the people who love it. Well, I may have found another one of the minority.

I was looking through :iconthetraveler66:'s profile and I found a review of the movie that just made me want to facepalm.

My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) Review

(Sigh) Unbelievable. Just... unbelievable.

Someone just... tell this guy off. It's like he didn't even WATCH the movie. Like I said, the haters are a vast minority, but they can still piss me off.
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Sorry, but I'm not exactly in a very good mood right now. This time it's my fault.

Someone named :iconchimcharlover13: blocked me, which is quite a shame to me. Quite a while ago, I faved his review of the MLP Movie (on the same day I went to see it), but recently I've been sending him a bunch of comments and notes (some of them were even me apologizing for doing it), and I guess he got sick of it and blocked me. Is there anyone who might be able to get him to unblock me? (I can't exactly apologize to him, because that's what got me blocked.) :(
I was playing around in Google Translate and I decided to translate some lines from the MLP Movie to Chinese and back into English several times. Here's what I got from the falling out between Twilight and her friends:

Applejack: What do you think is law? My intention is to think, I believe that they steal the precious pearl? (What were you thinking? I mean, stealing their pearl?)
Twilight: This is the only Savior who has Equestria channels. (It was the only way to save Equestria.)
Pinkie: Unless it is not! Female king would say yes! We do what you tell me who it is that makes her recognize that our values have to save the little horse! Unless...... you really do not want our continuously displayed her best when the machine! You just want to let me have distracted her! (Except it wasn't! The Queen was going to say yes! We did what you told us and that's what made her realize we were ponies worth saving! Unless... You didn't really want us to show her the best time ever! You just wanted us to distract her!)
Twilight: I never plan to do this, but this is not Equestria! We can't just dance to the side, and the swindlers, doing the rainbooms the level required to successfully develop in the air! This is not enough! I am not enough! (I never would have done it, but this isn't Equestria! We can't just dance around with con artists, make rainbooms in the sky and expect everything to work out! It's not enough! We are not enough!)
Pinkie: No, the city of dawn! I insist with a straight from the clothes! We must help our needs! We must stop... its only method is you do! (No, Twilight! We stuck together! We were gonna get the help we needed! The only thing that stopped us... was you!)
Twilight: O.K., I do is what I can do! This is my everything. I was a rain storm winds hope. I am the last boss! (Well, I'm doing the best I can! It's all on me. I'm the one Tempest wants. I'm the last Princess!)
Pinkie: No one can believe that there is only one of her friends! (You're also the only one who doesn't trust her friends!)
Twilight: Well, I would not promise I will not like a straight swap of friends better! (Well maybe I would have been better off without friends like you!)

Here's what I got from after she gets left behind:

Spike: Dusk? This is not the relationship. You will discover it. (Twilight? It's okay. You'll figure it out.)
Twilight: No, I'm not. I destroyed it and destroyed everything. There is no opportunity to save Equestria now. My fault. (No, I can't. I ruined everything. There's no chance to save Equestria now. It's all my fault.)

Here's what I got from after the song "Open Up Your Eyes" is done:

Tempest: I have to be true on the stage. My "friends" abandoned me throw throw, when difficult moment. It looks like to me is not the only the one. Now face of it, the main. Friendship has been failed, and you have a species. (I saw the truth. My "friends" abandoned me when times got tough. Looks like I'm not the only one. Face it, Princess. Friendship has failed you, too.)
Twilight: Friendship and did not have to make me feel disappointed ...... I failed the friendship. (Friendship didn't fail me... I failed friendship.)

What do you think? Have you tried messing with lines from the movie (including songs) using different languages in Google Translate? Feel free to comment and tell me what you got.
Sorry, but I'm feeling depressed again, and this time I'm going through an existential crisis. I found something about the creation of the brony fandom on TV Tropes and Wikipedia.

From the TV Tropes page 

Hilarious In Hindsight / My Little Pony

The End of the Creator Driven Era mourned how terrible it was that such great people were going on to work for a show like MLP, and how it meant the end of original animation. The article actually caused people to watch the show that the writer decried, resulting in 4Chan picking up on it and a rapid surge in its popularity, leading to the brony fandom.

From the Wikipedia page for 

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom

One of the first critical reviews of Friendship Is Magic, published shortly after the initial broadcast in October 2010, was written by Amid Amidi for the animation website Cartoon Brew. Amidi wrote that the show was a sign of "the end of the creator-driven era in TV animation".[3] Amidi's essay expressed concern that assigning a talent like Faust to a toy-centric show was part of a trend towards a focus on profitable genres of animation, such as toy tie-ins, to deal with a fragmented viewing audience, and overall "an admission of defeat for the entire movement, a white flag-waving moment for the TV animation industry."[3][4][5] The article said this concern was over the fact that more and more shows seem to be driven by company executives who want to sell their products, rather than creators. Though the show had been discussed on 4chan's 'comics and cartoon' board ('/co/') before the essay's publication, the alarmist nature of the essay led to more interest in the show, resulting in a positive response for the series for its plot, characters, and animation style.[4][6]This reaction soon spread to the other boards of 4chan, where elements of the show quickly inspired recurring jokes and memes on the site.[4] Some of these included adopting phrases from the show like "anypony", "everypony", and "nopony", instead of "anybody", "everybody", and "nobody",[7] or jokingly stating that they watch the show for the "plot", a reference to the ponies' flanks.[8]

This is incredibly upsetting to me, because it means that the reason why sites such as, Derpibooru, and Equestria Daily exist, the reason why there's so much fanart, fanfics, and videos of MLP, and THE VERY REASON why so many guys like :iconjonfawkes: :iconeli-j-brony: :icontyler2135: :iconlogan859: :iconradiant-sword: :iconlaszl: :iconstarlightggiantess5: :iconpowerpuff-pony: :iconcrazycartoonfanatic: :iconarvinsharifzadeh: :icontechnoponywardrobeda: :iconriniginianna: and even MYSELF are fans of the show... is all because of a negative review by someone who hated it. I know he was clearly wrong and MLP actually saved creator-driven animation, but it still upsets me  I'd like to pretend that article never existed and the creation of the brony fandom was because of either 1. The first episode was leaked onto 4chan, or 2. Boys simply started watching the show.
I would like to apologize to you, :iconcheckerboardcn:, and I would like for you to please unblock me. I didn't mean to annoy you with my notes, and I am sorry for doing so. I simply wanted you to look at something. I sincerely hope you accept this apology and you can forgive me.
MLP:FIM First episode release date: October 10, 2010

This journal publish date: December 5, 2009

MLP-FIM Season 1: First 13 Episodes (Only contains the first 2 episodes, the videos were uploaded in 2012)

How does this work? Did :iconerockertorres: somehow manage to predict the future about a YEAR before MLP:FIM was a thing? And how did he get those videos (which are no longer available and have since been taken down) a few years before they uploaded? Is he a time traveler?
Hey, I actually have quite a few questions to ask some of you guys like :iconjonfawkes: :iconlaszl: :iconradiant-sword: :iconstarlightggiantess5: :iconpowerpuff-pony: :iconeli-j-brony: :iconlogan859: :icontyler2135:

1. Do you think the show isn't good anymore since Lauren Faust left, or do you still like it/think it has generally gotten better with each season? While I personally prefer seasons 1 and 2, I don't mind the newer seasons. Here's my personal verdict for each season:

Season 1: 10/10 (Perfect)
Season 2: 9/10 (Superb)
Season 3: 8/10 (Great)
Season 4: 8/10 (Great)
Season 5: 8/10 (Great)
Season 6: 7/10 (Good)
Season 7: 8/10 (Great)

2. Do you think the Spike episodes are really that bad, or do you have at least some appreciation for them. I don't think they're exactly the best, but I do think they have at least some funny, awesome, or heartwarming moments.

3. Do you think that there are too many redeemed villains, or do you like them? I personally not only like them, but I think they are a very important part of the show. Ever since the show began, it's been about the magic of friendship, meeting new people, and helping the villains change their ways.

4. Do you like or hate the characterizations of characters like Twilight, Starlight, and Celestia? I personally like them, and I actually think most bronies are used to them by now.
I was taking a look at some stuff on TV Tropes, and I came across the "Get out of Jail Free" Card page. Here's what I found under the "Western Animation" folder:

    Starlight Glimmer's (forgiveness) seems to be the most contested, with some fans considering her a victim whose forgiveness was deserved and others considering her a heartless villainous monster that got off scott-free.

I found this somewhat confusing, since I was under the impression that when Starlight was reformed, many fans including :iconstarlightggiantess5: :iconcrazycartoonfanatic: :icontyler2135: :iconlogan859: :iconradiant-sword: :iconlaszl: :iconjonfawkes: :iconpowerpuff-pony: and :iconeli-j-brony: seemed to consider her the former and very few considered her the latter, so there didn't seem to be too much of a Broken Base from what I've seen here. As far as I know, a lot of fans accepted her redemption and even love her as a hero. (And I mean LOVE her, I've seen some people who are OBSESSED with her!) I personally think she did deserve it, and she was right to not let her past define her. She really has come a long way since the start of season 6. What do you guys think about this? You agree with me?
I'm sure that since Twilight has lived in a castle for 3 seasons now, many bronies like :iconjonfawkes: :iconlaszl: :iconeli-j-brony: :icontyler2135: :iconradiant-sword: :iconpowerpuff-pony: :iconarvinsharifzadeh: :icontechnoponywardrobeda: and :iconstarlightggiantess5: are probably used to it (like how they got used to her being an alicorn), but I want to ask a few of you something. What do you think about Twilight's castle? Do you think it's an eyesore, or have you grown to like it? Just curious.

My personal opinion: I don't mind the castle, I just prefer the Golden Oaks Library. (Just like how I don't mind Twilight as an alicorn, but I prefer her as a unicorn.)
I know this is going to sound petty to some people, and I may be getting angry (in fact I may even use a few curse words), but I feel like I need to let my anger out. I simply CANNOT trust IGN or Rotten Tomatoes anymore. I used to long ago, and for a very long time, but thanks to their negative reviews of the MLP Movie I just can't. Even if they gave other movies or games I like good reviews, nothing can make me forgive them for taking MLP and SHITTING ALL OVER IT! I mean, some complete IDIOT on IGN gave the movie a FREAKING 3.5 OUT OF 10, which to me is UNFORGIVABLE! Same thing applies to the negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (I think the movie got a 57%, which again it DID NOT DESERVE!). Hell, it pisses me off even HEARING about these websites (unless it's from someone else saying they hate them too) or simply SEEING them on Google searches (EVERY SINGLE TIME you type in the name of ANY MOVIE into Google, Rotten Tomatoes is ALWAYS going to be there. Same thing with EVERY GAME you search, IGN ALWAYS shows up. I had no idea they even did movies until I saw them take a shit on the MLP Movie.). I know there's nothing I can really do about it, unfortunately, and I know it seems stupid to hate a website just because they gave one movie bad reviews, but I seriously just needed to vent.
I know quite a few people have been complaining about MLP G5, but I seriously think they're blowing this whole thing out of proportion. I've seen some people complain about the designs, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. This might not be the final design for the characters. Remember that G4 Pinkie was originally going to be a pegasus and G4 Fluttershy was originally going to be an earth pony.

2. Just because a character in one generation has the same name as a character in another, it doesn't mean they're the same character. G3 Rainbow Dash acted more like G4 Rarity and G3 Rarity was a filly who loved to goof off.

3. For those wondering why Hasbro decided to reboot MLP, remember that G4 itself was a reboot of MLP. G5 is not a continuation of G4, nor is it canon to G4. Every generation has their own continuity, and G5 is no exception.

4. That journal entry was posted by Cuddlepug, who loves to post stuff with clickbait titles just to get attention. Can you really trust the guy who said that either Fluttershy or Rarity will DIE in the MLP Movie? (Which obviously didn't happen.)

5. Don't jump to the conclusion that G5 will "ruin" MLP. You never know, it might be good, and you might eventually get used to it. If you don't want to watch G5, then don't bother and just continue watching G4 instead.

At least :iconlaszl: and :iconmike-cleo: are excited about G5.
Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake. (Side note, I am not sure if this is a rumor or not but better to be safe than sorry.)

:iconromeo1900: :icondracoshark1900: :iconkabutopsthebadd: you should add this journal entry to prove you're not a fake user
I know the season 3 finale is rather old now, but I have a question for some bronies like :iconjonfawkes: :iconeli-j-brony: :icontyler2135: :iconradiant-sword: :iconlaszl: :iconstarlightggiantess5: and :iconpowerpuff-pony: to answer.

Now that you've more than likely gotten used to Twilight as an alicorn, what do you think about the season 3 finale looking back on it? Do you still not really like it that much, or have you warmed up to it by now? Just asking.


United States
I am basically just a normal guy. I have quite a lot of things I like for one reason or another. Unfortunately, I am not an artist. You might be wondering, "What are you doing here if you're not an artist?" Well, I saw a bunch of cool stuff here and decided that I wanted to join the community.


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