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Character Growth Meme

Yup, that's my boy...and we've come quite a long way since I first had him drawn. Originally, he was solid-fox, instead of the mostly-fox, hints-of-wolf mix that I have him in now. He was a lot thinner, bit misproportioned, and had a rifle. Still has that rifle, really, I've just never had him drawn in a position to use it (yet.) You can see some of the things that have stayed the same, too; the jacket-shirt combo, and the dog tags. All of these I have in real life, and they mean a lot to me.

One more note I should make: Neither of these pictures were made by me. You can search through my gallery to find the respective art (the left one was made by [link]
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This doesn't work if you did DRAW the picture YOURSELF.
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That's why I named it Character GROWTH and not CREATION. Ass.
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It still doesn't mean shit.

My shinx grew into a Luxray, but I don't go around making memes for him.
JediGuy1490's avatar you have to work to be an ass, or were you just spawned that way?
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I think its more of an acquired skill.
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From now on, I will refrain from pointing out your follies.

Does that seem fair?
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