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I have been writing and illustrating stories since I was a little girl and I've been sharing them online for about... wow, around 18 years now? And I've enjoyed every moment of it! I've always shared my fan-work first and foremost because it's a great way to make new friends (by sharing in a game, movie or show that we both enjoy) and it kick-starts my creative process. As of now, I have several original projects that are dear to my heart and I even help people produce their own original content.

Favourite Movies
Amadeus, The Iron Giant, The Princess Bride, Secondhand Lions, Princess Mononke
Favourite TV Shows
Don't watch TV anymore, but I watch YouTube Channels. SteadyCraftin, Blimey Cow, and Atomic Shrimp are some of my favorites
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like music, no artists in general.
Favourite Games
Dungeons and Dragons, Dixit, the Fire Emblem series
Favourite Gaming Platform
All the Nintendos.
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Keep me fed and everything will sort itself out.

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Best work...ever.

Seems we can't stand one another anymore... All on me, however if you are willing to get paid, I'll give you the request and not speak further. Yet I will be picky. If not.. All the best to you

I told you in the past that if you continued to be hostile or insulted my family, I would stop arguing, let you have the last word and that's that. You replied by projecting onto my husband (who was being nothing but diplomatic and respectful to you), wishing that you never worked with me and taunted me for losing out on your money, so I decided that you have let that be your last word. That's that. I wish you and your family the best, but I think our work relationship has hit an impasse. Go kick some ass for your family and I'll do the same for mine.

Fair enough.

Best of luck to you!

I can see Danger Mouse in your Agency comic series.

That would be awesome. o.o

Can you tell me a bit about Talfryn and natives?

Talfryn is the name of the Kismet region's first city, built adjacent to a town with the same name. The town is now referred to as "old town" and it's mostly abandoned. To try and make up for the city draining out all of the townfolks' (the natives) livelihoods, they were offered compensation by the mayor. It wasn't enough for the natives and most of them ran westward to another region. Anything else will be in the comic later on