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Published: July 15, 2004
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I started this one *ages* ago, but I never finished it. Well, it's finally done. After Forest Grovyle started hers, a whole lot of people that missed the cutoff were disappointed so I started one too. People in the pic are: (L-R, top-bottom)

Latios Master - Latios, Legendary_Pokegirl - Celebi
Cosmo (:deviantbayleef:) - Bayleef, Junichi (:deviantjunichi:) - Meganium, Pokedragonfire - Blaziken, The Adamant Dodger - Scizor, Scyther5 - Scyther
blue - Quilava, PichuSecretBase (:deviantatsuji-san:) - Pichu, MoonLight (:deviantwolvesmoon:) - Umbreon, Reptar - Espeon, Blaine - Vaporeon, SparkyThePikachu - Umbreon, Hikaru's Twin - Togetic
Pengy (my penguin), Jeikobu - Charmander, me (JA) - Minun, girlgenius - Pikachu, +el_pal - Plusle, The Evil One - Jigglypuff, Chairman Kaga - Dunsparce
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Heh..I was twelve when I asked to be in this, sweet Jesus. XD I'm the espeon. Hoho.
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And I was 14 when I drew it! It's been a long time :)
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Can I be in the next one?
As... maybe a Raichu or a Mewtwo or something? Maybe a Gengar?
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Nicely drawn, m'dear! :3 Oooh, and tell The Adamant Dodger that CaRtoON says hi :3
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It must have taken a while to draw and colour all these Pokemon o.o
Latios, Celebi, and Pichu (a hammer... XD) look nicest.
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Awwwwwww! I love it! So cute! Awesome job on it.
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Wow JediAmara The pic came out Really cool Great Job on it :)
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aw, ^^ so cute!! ^ ^ nya! ^ ^ :hug:
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