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Mama Luigi's Spaghetti

Mama Luigi's Spaghetti, a spoof of Papa John's Pizza!
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Gecko1993's avatar
I love this! So hilarious! Mama Luigi FTW!
SilSinn9801's avatar
I suppose that avatar of yours comes from that old 3DO game titled Gex.
Gecko1993's avatar

You're close. It's actually from it's sequel. More specifically: The PC CD-ROM version of Gex: Enter The Gecko. I found this .ico file within the disc's contents, and have used this as my profile pic ever since.

DevenDesign's avatar
Lol  That is hilarious, man!
SchattenandAura4ever's avatar
mama luigi's LOTSA SPAGHETTI!!!!! :iconmamaluigiplz:
CorTat-G's avatar
:iconmamaluigiplz: "Better Ingredients. Better Pasta. Mama Luigi's."
Lordaapjes's avatar
laughed...till i cryed
Zephasus's avatar
I wish There was a medal to give you for this.
The-Sanrio-fanboy's avatar
what happened to the comments
The-Sanrio-fanboy's avatar
i want to go to mama luigi's
I-am-THEdragon's avatar
OMG He SOLD his brother?!?! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!:rofl:
Zephasus's avatar
Holy ass, I almost P'd maself. That is WIN.
Thefallenangel407's avatar
Oop! Forgot to add my laugh at the end! So... here it is! "Heh heh!"
kstudiosgames's avatar
hate brother lol=)=)==)
TarkanAtilla22's avatar

This isn't Gay Luigi, is it?
cornchip21's avatar
I work at papa johns and Im a luigi fan, and this made me laugh so hard.
Mariochan's avatar
*snort* XD Jeeze..hehe.
stephanregorroger's avatar
lol. do yo watch you tube poop?
VanillaLaceKisses's avatar
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