Trek Effect
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Another TNG/Mass Effect crossover. Why does it work so well?

I don't know, but I decided to make it so.
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I could see Troi's as a mirror universe outfit.
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britts-demesne|Hobbyist General Artist
Data, Worf, and Hugh The Borg (also called Third of Five), need be playable characters. That could be so badass.
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The2ndSoviet's avatar
Now I want hear Sir Patrick Stewart voicing some of Shepherd's lines.
"I should go",
"Look at the dead woman Mordin. It doesn't look like you saved her.", 
And most of all
"You....big stupid jellyfish!"
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AvalonCezar|Student General Artist
good job
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Fun picture, nice work
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outlaw393|Hobbyist Writer
Damn, they're both hot! :D
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Neframe's avatar
Do you have any Geth-Borg hybrids?
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xechon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha ok, that works really well :)
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MonsterousOperandi|Student Digital Artist
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Knight3000|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool armor
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But now he can't straighten his tunic before he sits down.
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MonoFlax|Hobbyist General Artist
great croosover! 
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SHADOWoftheSPARTAN's avatar
Tea. Earl grey. Hot.
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SpaceC0re's avatar
Commander Jean-Juc Shep,ard of the starship SSV Enterprise?
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OddThoughts42's avatar
OddThoughts42|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the lady officer's outfit more than the original :)
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Aerenko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta love that Earl Grey Reference.
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kreedantillesordo|Hobbyist General Artist
Holy crap, that is impressive! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Glide08|Hobbyist General Artist
Wave goodbye to the prime directive.
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doodlebugRP's avatar
...dang, why DOES that work so well? Cooool...
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KreepingSpawn|Professional Digital Artist
Clever.  ;}
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ANDY1701A|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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KarenRonwood|Hobbyist General Artist
Somebody start calling lawyers. This needs to be a thing.
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Too bad Deanna winds up getting indoctrinated by Saren and is killed by her own daughter. 
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Well, since Deanna doesn't have any kids it would rather be her killing Lwaxana (which I totally wouldn't mind - she's a pain in the ass)
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