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40k: Banshee

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Published: April 27, 2016
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Or the Quick and the Dead. :)

The Salamander is in black because he's Deathwatch, before the flood of obvious comments floods in.
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Have you seen the Dark Eldar? They have curved swords, CURVED.

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Its Hammer Time! Worthy Emoticon 
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jack2the7ripperStudent Writer
I never seen a black armored salamander but now I have and I love it.
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Deathwatch, like the artist said.
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jack2the7ripperStudent Writer
I know its just that I never seen a black armored salamander before
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Not sure if eldar is male or female :/
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Spacefriend-TProfessional Digital Artist
Oh a dead Eldar. Nice :p
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I thought eldars were tall 
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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
But those sanctioned mutants are taller.
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And the friendly red-eyed ones are among the tallest.

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Love the standoff. 

Shame everyone talking fighting (obvious Astartes wins due to survivability), but I wonder what they'll be talking about - looks like the Eldar has something of an upper hand in bargaining or conversation. Maybe the Eldar needs the Salamander to do something they themselves cannot, fulfilling their mysterious ways.
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Ummm how would the astartes win because of survivability? By that logic I could say that the eldar have the powers of foresight. not to mention the Eldar have more advanced technology.
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In the end, Eldar always get crushed. They may be fast, but fights aren't about being "faster", it's about who comes back from the next hit. And at ranged combat, sure, but in a melee, Eldar have no chance. 
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Wrong. They lose because of plot favoritism. Read the lore. The Eldar are not just 'faster', they have the advantage in foresight as well and vastly superior technology. Not to mention use of the webway. On top of this the Eldar are not inhibited by honor and will utilize hit and run tactics at any opportunity. You are have no idea what you are talking about. Not only are you just flat out wrong when you say "it's about who comes back from the next hit" (seriously what the hell are you even basing that on? logically the person who can AVOID getting hit all together would be at a better advantage, no?) but you are ignoring every advantage the Eldar have. You are also ignoring that Eldar are some of the best close combat specialists in the galaxy.  You honestly have no idea what you are talking about here. I could just as easily say that it's about whoever can avoid being attacked that decides the winner. 
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Dude, chill out. You obviously love Eldar and I get that. I love Space Marines. And therefore your "Eldar Lore" means nothing as it is nothing more than Propaganda of the enemy that has no fact. Have no worry though Heretic, word has it a Space Marine's reflexes are fast enough to kill Xenos pond scum before they even yelp out in their wrong tongues.

All joking aside, seeing that the Space Marine only needs to bring his weapon up "near" the Eldar before fully activating the immense field generator, eliminating his organic material, he is already within a "death field" of sorts. A Power Sword, while excellent in slicing Astartes armor, is only truly effective on a well-placed slash, or a general thrust - the ladder giving the Astartes plenty of time for a swift counter attack.

As to my original point - I'm still interested in the tale of why an Eldar would put themselves so precariously near danger.
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"Space Marine only needs to bring his weapon up "near" the Eldar before fully activating the immense field generator, eliminating his organic material"

And by that logic all the eldar has to do is stab the space marine. Again your biased logic here makes no sense. The Eldar can easily avoid the attack from the space marine, especially if he has to arc his arm back in order to attack with it. the Eldar simply has the advantage here. She is literally holding a sword to his body and all she has to to is thrust it. Honestly you space marine fanboys are so biased against anything non space marines. You are the reason the 40k narrative is a such a joke.
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I ain't no Astartes (I actually prefer the Tau if anything) but I think a thunder hammer would do more damage than a power sword. And all that Salamander would have to do is thrust the head of his hammer into her stomach (which he doesn't even need to arc back his arm for) and finish it with a killing blow to the head. And as large as Astartes are, they're no slouches in speed to reflexes; the White Scars and the Raven Guard are an example of this. Besides that though, both of them get rekt by my rail rifle :3
Elouq's avatar
they are still behind eldar in speed in reflexes. Eldar are described as being able to move "faster than [space marines] can think." Not to mention all the eldar would have to do is push the sword forward which she could obviously do faster than the marine could.
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The real question is what she keeps behind her back?
Neither of them has space or time for a swing at this distance so it's SM's fist vs whatever she hides there... technically he can grab and strike with a knife in single move and she can grab pistol while jumping away too.
However considering they're already standing so close to begin with and there are no signs of open agression...
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Jedi-Art-TrickProfessional Digital Artist
Everyone is thinking in terms of weapons/range/who swings first. The Banshee has another option to open combat.
Arklyte84826's avatar
Or is this little chin peace supposed to be serving as and equal in power to her full mask? As well as somehow protecting her own ears(that are several orders of magnitude more sensitive and thus also fragile then human ones) while keeping them open unlike proper Banshee mask?
Arklyte84826's avatar
Yeah, had she her mask with her... which she doesn't:D
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I..ahm..some one gives a good joke here, I want to use a dick joke but nothing comes to mind!
Still awesome artwork, but the only thing I could ever say wrong with it is that fact that Salamanders are usually not very fond of Death Watch in certain lore tidbits,
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