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The Last Ancients

And now, my little duo of craft-masters and elders.

    Assultus and Tactilla are two of the oldest beings in the universe. As such, they posses near-infinite amounts of knowledge on crafts and construction, which they gained from thousands of years of research and practice. There are very few things that they can't make when they get their hands on the right materials.

    In truth, there is no single species of "Ancients". There are many races who's age is not restrained by mortality as much as other races, and thus have outlasted and surpassed many younger civilizations. But as for these two, there race is tragically no more and there is little left of their civilization left to preserve, so they simply call themselves "Ancient Ones".

    Assultus is headstrong and bold. He has more experience with fighting and knows how to test limits. He likes to keep things simple and direct, even if there are great risks involved, rather than adding to complexity with complex ideas. Tactilla, on the other hand, is cool and level-headed. She is incredibly intelligent and a mastery of strategy and planning. She strives to be practical and doesn't believe in taking unnecessary risks. Being complete polar-opposites, it is natural for these siblings to clash (and sometimes comical). As much as these two beings contrast each other, they respect their differences and, when they're not fighting, they can accomplish great feats when they mix their ideals together.
    For about an eon, this brother and sister have meditated, isolated within the universe and undisturbed. They have long awaited the day when they would be called upon to begin their new purpose: to help defend the universe by aiding those with the same cause. With the knowledge the Ancients have preserved from what has passed, the foes of sentient beings in the universe will not be prepared for what instruments may be wielded against them.

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