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Seldren, the Last Quadarii

By Jedder77
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I was greatly inspired by Greek mythology when creating Seldren's character. Since he was built to be a four-armed warrior, I felt compelled to make his character as epic as possible. Kind of a pity it turned out so tragic though.

    Seldren was a young warrior in training during the later years of the Quadarii. He was very impulsive and had a negative outlook on the Quadarii way of life, making him very hard to get along with. While he was an extremely skilled fighter, he lacked the motivation to push himself to excel. When it became evident that he no longer wished to apply himself in his training, his superiors assigned him to be a scout, which suited him just fine.

    One day, when Seldren reported back to his home city to make his report, he was shocked to hear that all Quadarii warriors had been summoned to the Grand City to fight against a massive invasion. Already very late, he made full haste to the city. Unfortunately, by the time he got there, the battle was already over. Worse, the Quadarii had lost the battle, and while the enemy had clearly suffered heavy casualties, not a single Quadarii warrior had survived.

    This terrible tragedy nearly broke Seldren, but his sense of duty held him together. He ran back to warn the rest of his people of what had transpired. Once again, however, Seldren was too late. In his flight to the Grand City, he had bypassed the surviving invaders, who were continuing on their mission to destroy the Quadarii race. So when Seldren arrived to his home town, he found it ruined and all his fromer neighbors slain. Seldren continued to search his homeland in search of his people, but all he found was more destruction successfully dealt upon his race.

    Finally, when Seldren couldn't bear to walk any further, he cried out to the god who created the realm of Auldome... his cry was answered. It was revealed to him that, indeed, the Quadarii race had indeed been completely destroyed, but every last Quadarii made their stand as the warriors they were made to be. Filled with pride for his race, Seldren asked that he be given the opportunity to die with the same honor. To grant his wish, he was blessed with eternal youth so that he would not die or grow weak with age. This meant that the only way that Seldren could die was by the hand of another mortal.

    With this blessing and a new purpose, Seldren returned to his home town and renewed his residence there. When people came to investigate the fate of the Quadarii for themselves, they found Seldren, standing defiant and challenging everyone in the world to attempt to best him in combat. To this day, he continues to develope his skills in combat and waits for any opponent who would dare to face him. Many warriors have tried to prove their worth against this Quadarii, the last of the natural warrior race of Auldome. None, however, have ever bested Seldren.

If you care to know what a Quadarii is and what happened to them, you can read this History of the Quadarii.

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