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Joseph Dirrim
United States
I'm an old fan of BIONICLE and I love building Lego sets. I also like fantasy and sci-fi comics and Lego MOCs.

I greatly appreciate comments as much as FAVs and am open to critiques. However, I have little tolerance for profanity or inappropriate content, so keep your comments clean, please.

If you find a MOC or two of mine that you would like to see more pictures of, please let me know by commenting on said MOC or on my profile.

God is good all the time, and All the time, God is good. See you around! (Lord willing and weather providing.)
Been a while since I last did this. Though it'd be fun to join in again!

The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get three of my favorite deviations from their gallery featured! (Or if I happen to comment on your own.)
The only rule is to make a journal like this and do the same thing featuring me in one of the slots!

1. :iconshade2800: I like the unique concepts he brings to his Bionicle lore, built or written, and I love the humor he brings.
Mammoth by Shade2800Get Away! by Shade2800You're Dead You Darn Dog! by Shade2800
2. :iconkaiborg101: Quite an intriguing mocist, especially with his fascinating MM crew.
Tekan - shoulder pads, unfolded by Kaiborg101Come on, show me your moves. by Kaiborg101Xymeval (updated w description) by Kaiborg101
3. :iconyudrontheglatorian: I enjoy the unique takes he has on characters of the other Bionicle races, especially the less popular ones like Dark Hunter races and such. Also enjoy some of his art concepts.
Xallis by yudrontheglatoriansassy cyber-anti-hero-assassin-bug-robot by yudrontheglatorianCave Girl At Cliff by yudrontheglatorian
4. :iconsilvakthemocist: Love his simple yet fun building style, whether it be with original MOCs or (more notably) his own versions of popular characters, official or other people's MOCs. Also, really admire his skill with Lego Digital Designer.
12DOC Day 10 - Conjurer and Kihoko by SilvakTheMocistSilvak (2017 Redesign) by SilvakTheMocistBrickHeadz - Jedder77 Characters by SilvakTheMocist
5. :iconthered1s: This guy's skill in building is outstanding! His physical sets are great, but his talent truly shines with the limitless resources of LDD at his disposal. What I really love about his style is his ability to create heavily detailed figures, yet still maintain a smooth, organized appearance in their concept.
Sol 3 by TheRed1sDurga - The Spearman from the North by TheRed1sBolvar: The Forge Master - hammer and shield by TheRed1s
6. :iconmekax: Really interesting art style this guy has. Rather simple, yet still unique and well executed. I really like how he can make different textures pop out.
Misho by MekaXHigh Prince Xarmus by MekaXStarDust Wallpaper by MekaX


Tenda, Toa of Earth
I do believe this one's my favorite; he'd be tied with Katara if it wasn't for the extra gear and "functions".

Name: Tenda Histone
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Occupation: Expedition engineer

The great city of Metru Nui has sat desolate ever since the Great Cataclysm and the occupation of the evil Makuta's forces. Even with the banishment of the dark lord and the withdrawal of his minions, Metru Nui remains abandoned; shrouded in shadows haunted by things wild and deadly. Fear and sorrow discourage the Matoran from attempting to restore the great city. However, there is one band of Matoran known as Garan's Company who have made it their mission to delve into the city and uncover its secrets, gathering surviving records, forgotten technology, and other lost items, and slowly committing resources to restore key sites. It's a monumental mission demanding lifetimes of dedication, but the explorers of Garan's Company are fully committed to restoring the former glory of Metru Nui for all the world to see.

Tenda Histone grew up listening to stories from elders like Garan Voyaren who recalled Metru Nui in its prime, and like many others shared Garan's dream of unearthing all that was lost from that golden age of Matoran civilization. Tenda's dreaming turned to ambition and he poured himself into studying every field he felt would contribute to Garan's expedition; focusing in the engineering field that suited his hobby of tinkering. Seeing his passion, many of Tenda's elders persuaded him to partake in the Trials of the Toa, which he passed with flying colors, grounding a belief that the mission to Metru Nui was his destiny. He now serves as the chief engineer of Garan's Company, building and maintains the powered equipment for excavation, and is the leading expert on analyzing Metru Nui technology.

Skills, Abilities, and Tools
As an engineer, Tenda is well equipped with gear and gadgets for digging into the dark underground, the designs of some gadgets based on old technology collected on his missions. His finest work of engineering is his Utility Drill, a drilling mainframe powered by charged crystals and able to swap out attachments for specific tasks. Said attachments include a chain digger, a mining drill, and a crusher bit. Tenda's control over his element guided by his education in geology contribute immensely to his excavation capabilities. He doesn't have experience in combat, but he does have training with the sword and carriers a Diamond Blade given to him upon becoming a Toa.

'ey! A gallery posted on Instagram that doesn't make me want to claw the camera out of my phone.
Bomsraad, Toa of Plasma
Not quite who I meant to smother in Taka-gold armor, but can't say it's not a sweet end result.

Name: Bomsraad Runlhik
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Occupation: Brawler champion

There's only one rule about your destiny in Su-Metru: Where you're born decides where you work. Bomsraad was born in the industrial district, so his destiny was working the factory along with the thousand other souls who had no chance in getting a better job. After several years being a cog in the machine that was his smelting plant, Bomsraad had enough and, in a brief moment of revelation, decided to do the unthinkable: become a Toa. This was a grand challenge since Toa are practically obsolete in Su-Metru. But Bomsraad was desperate enough to seek out a Turaga in the slums that could teach him, even quitting his job when he was forced to choose which path he desired most. With great dedication Bomsraad achieved his goal. Not knowing what to do with it except get out the city he hated, he caught a lead and made a deal with some Xian traders to take him to the Battle Coliseum in Stelt. Being a Toa, the most hated being in Stelt, made becoming a competitor hard. After making it into the Coliseum, "Boms's" career went smoothly with plenty of opponents out to pummel him and many wins to entertain the crowds. Every victory he gains in the arena is a life earned for the former factory worker.

Bomsraad has a bitter outlook on life, seeing how the higher class of society rule over those lower and stamp them in their place. Part of the reason he went to Stelt was because it reminded him of Su-Metru, except there were fewer consequences to hitting back when anybody threw you in the dirt. He's hardly a noble Toa, but he's not without his standards. If there's one good thing that Su-Metru taught him, it's that power like plasma should be used as a tool to make, not a weapon to destroy; that's why he doesn't use his element when fighting in the Coliseum (that, and it kills the sport). Also, while he naturally accepts that the strong or privileged will always oppress the weak, he's willing to go out of his way to aid said weak; he knows what it's like to be stuck in a sorry state and can't stand by letting the helpless suffer. His meddling in affairs to aid others has made his head a target for quite a few aristocrats in Stelt, not that he cares; he's already wanted for dead by his competitors.

Skills, Abilities, and Tools
Bomsraad managed to get his hands on a plasma staff before he left; it wasn't hard to take it off the owner's hands since all remaining Toa tools in Su-Metru are considered no more than cheap relics. During his training, Bomsraad learned a great deal about how to use his amazing element, and his staff provides the means to focus said element as needed, adjusting its output for the power and accuracy needed in practically every application. But the staff is only a tool for backup. Boms's real weapon is his body. Life in the Su-Metru factory hardened Bom's as a matoran, and becoming a Toa has greatly enhanced his physique. He's a good brawler, having learned many moves on the street, and is always learning from every new fight. His brawling style is improved by his suit of brass armor that he forged himself when he caught a lucky break finding the raw materials discarded. It may not be as strong as steel, but it's tough enough for the Battle Coliseum and it sure makes him stand out with its gleam and high value.

MMMM Teaser 2
I wasn't going to preview this one because they're extra (this isn't even the last one I built). But I just thought it'd be funny to post this scary thing and watch people guess wrong on this character's significance in the Power Crew storyline. So, for this teaser, all you get is a picture and a name: Spreed.
MMMM Teaser
Here's a small teaser and post to show that while I'm hardly posting, I'm not completely dead from legos.

Yep. I've made more Mini Mayhems (I blame Kaiborg). These particular ones expand the "main cast" of the alternate universe of the Power Crew. You'll recognize Barbsa Melta on the middle-right; with her are her fellow Founders and Co-founders of their Kingdom. More bio to come in... the future. For now, here are the five leaders of the Kingdom.

Fawnix (Gold and orange)- Head of Public Relations
Barbsa Melta- Commander and Chief of Defense, and Administrator of Engineering
Dommorham (Silver)- Chief Justice and Peacekeeper
Gal (Blue)- Director of Education
'Ster Ralf (Red, yellow, and white)- Master of Plastic


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