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August 29, 2008
The Suggester writes about The Silhouette by *Jeddaka: "I saw this... and at first, thought it was a digital painting. Turns out, it's fractal art!" ~ And a beautiful piece it is. Like a moonlit tree on a chilly gossamer night... the surreal lighting, color and perspective, bring us the exquisite sense of nocturnal silence.
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The Silhouette

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Main Entry: Silhouette sil·hou·ette

Definition: A line marking and shaping the outer form of an object.

Something Moonlit For you night birds!

Its Been a while since I've posted.. here ya go!

This was made in Apophysis 3D

This is a FRACTAL, Made with Math =)

Update: Added for print apparently a lot of people wanted this on their wall. =) enjoy

This image is not to be posted on any website without specific hand written approval by me.

This is not a royalty free image, if you want to use it anywhere, you must have a signed contract with me.
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This is amazing