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PokeRen - Aislin


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  A I S L I N   M Y R D D I N full resolution picture

AGE | 24
• POKEMON | Decidueye724 Decidueye 
• ABILITY: Long Reach
• JOB | Druid
MOVES | Spirit Shackle |  Foresight  |  Frenzy Plant  |  Synthesis |
• OCCUPATION | Master Librarian at Cryptology Institute of the Uncanny

 ☪  H I S T O R Y

   Before the glistening markets or the bright intelectuals of Opalshire, the house of Myrddin had their roots deep in these woods since the Second Age, claiming to be the original guardians of the Welkin Willow, the heart of the forests of Opalshire. This ancient house saw the birth of Opalshire and assisted their comrades in the Great Fire. Known for their druidic traditions and their insightful wisdom, this was the family in which Aislin was born along with her twin brother, Aslan. One was strong and healthy, while she was weak and of frail breath. As their tradition demanded she was given a pokemon egg when she was born to become their guardian and protector, they bond to the forest and to nature. Aislin's first egg was that of a hoothoot, their family hoped that the blind child would be able to become stronger through the owl. She named the hoothoot Seaghdh, for she was her eyes in a world shrouded by darkness.
    Since young Aislin had more affinity with seemingly innanimated things than people, her social circle resumed itself to those that were close to her own family, and from this small group, even fewer were the ones that actively pursued her friendship. But there was some, one in particular, from a family of respected healers, a boy that aided her in things her feathered guardian could not, such as reading, the two children would sit in the library for hours and imagine many adventures together as he read books to Aislin, and when her brother Aslan departed to find his own way far from Opalshire, the two had already become inseperable. When she was old enough
she took the role of apprentice of the Master Librarian, an old male druid that had an air of timeless wisdom, as impossible as it would seem for a blind girl to do it, she proved her organisational skills to be outstanding and Seaghdh would compensate her lack of sight, being a faithful guardian and protector of the Library. However at one point, her dearest friend also decided to take off, to study with his father in his many travels, leaving Aislin to a more recluse life among her unreadable books.

     In her time without her friend much changed indeed, Aislin allowed herself to grow closer to other people, but fate led it to an inevitable rejection and dissapointment. Still immature and broken hearted the girl fled into the woods seeking solace, unaware of the storm that approached, her guardian tried desperately to bring her back home to safety. Wind, snow and hail advanced relentlessly, and Aislin would not make it with her frail lungs, the Noctowl, being about five feet tall, was able to cover the blind girl and shield her from the blizzard. When she woke up however Seaghdh was dead, the guardian bird sacrificed itself for her sake. Aislin wept in the cold forest for countless hours and refused to leave her behind. Unkowing to her blind eyes, she wept in front of the heart of the forest, the Welkin Willow. The next thing she felt was a warm light, the life of the forest itself, flowing through her own body and connecting her to the dead guardian's. The energy embraced them both, bringing the spirit of the guardian back in the figure of a decidueye, and fused her with Aislin.

    With the fusion Aislin could see again, and she felt her body strengthened by the guardian's power now in her own being. Aislin returned to her family, wobbly as she was still unused to her bew body's weight and newly acquired sight, she got more hurt on her way back than anything, without the proper sense of depht. She explained her miracle and her family rejoiced at not only at the fusion, but also at Aislin's sight. They had been postponing the druid fusion ritual for a long time, fearing their daugher would never survive the procedure. Now she could be properly initiated as a druid of Myrddin, guardian of the forest and of the old ways. It took her great effort to get used to the world in full color and sight, feeling many times overwhelmed by it all, but she adapted quickly to her new world. Now the Great Library became her domain now Aislin takes the old druid's place as Master herself, throwing herself into books she could have never read before. Her family is relieved that her occupation is indoors, always falling into old habits of fearing for her health, which still after the fusion remained fragile. However along with new vigor, her fusion brought a bolder side of the once resignated girl, after her supernatural experience with the Heart Tree, Aislin would find herself constantly returning to the forest, specially during the night, for the fusion had brought cures for many ailments, but rose other difficulties she did not expect to face, such as dreams and visions. They came in form of nightmares, flashes of images in the beggining. And during one of her outings to the heart tree, she figured a way to channel her foresight to see into the future, as other druids have before her, now Aislin tries to understand the meaning of her visions, how to control them and how they work, but she feels a deep connection to the Heart Tree itself, almost as if she only sees what the forest allows her to see.

 ☪  P E R S O N A L I T Y

Calm    Distant    Soft-spoken    Polite    Introverted    Pacifist    Individualist       Sarcastic


  • Reading
  • Roasted Meats
  • Flying
  • Proving people wrong
  • Quiet moments
  • Cheerful people
  • Telling and listening to stories


  • Irreverence and disrespectful actions
  • Large Crowds
  • Hot weather
  • When people overcook meat
  • Brutality in general

 ☪ E X T R A

THEME SONG : The Voice -…

Some citzens claim they have seen the discreet Librarian, sneak in shadows to the deeps of the great forest when the moon is high. The motives are as various and wild as people's imaginations. Some say she goes to hunt in feral form driven by animalistic desire hidden under her civic manners, others swear she revels in ancient and unholy druid rituals where she has visions of things yet to come. Whenever confronted by such assumptions, the woman will simply smile gently from behind her mask and change subjects.

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holy shit she's awesome!!
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she looks mysterious ooooh
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This is gorgeous!
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Oh my goodness wow....
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>//w//< thanks dear
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she is absolutely gorgeous! :heart:
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Holy balls Jecksy, I'm just overwhelmed at how well this character is rendered! o_O So happy to see Aislin again, and decidueye is just my absolute favorite in the new gen! Wonderful to have you back. :D
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thank you so much that is so sweet of you to say!
My immediate reaction was "Holy crap", this is simply a marvelous design.
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Thank you dear!!
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What is this marvelous creature? :iconoohmisterplz: //hit
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I'm still breathing, I'm still breathing, I'm ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!! :iconchocolatefishplz: //bricked
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LOL is good to see you around again ^ u ^
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Holy cow, this is probably the best humanized Pokemon design I've ever seen, bar none. 
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AISLIN'S SUCH A QUEEN :iconhnnghplz:
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