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A request by :iconmasterwarhero:~MASTERWARHERO of Krystal wearing her alternative costume in a perilous mission.

Sorry for taking way too long with this one. This took a few tries to make it look good. :doh:


Gen. Peppy sent Star Fox to investigate the disappearance of a mining crew in the glowing depths of Macbeth. Tight choke points prevented the use of Arwings and Landmasters, so the team set out on foot to explore the expansive caverns. To make matters difficult, communication to the Great Fox was spotty and impossible at great depths.

The camps and outposts strewn through the network yielded ominous clues to the mining team's disappearance. As Fox was about to piece things together, large insect beings pounced from the shadows when the team least expected it. Forced out into the open, Fox and the team defended themselves against teeth, claw and spikes of their attackers. The insects caused an avalanche of boulders to fall forcing the team to scatter and find cover.

Krystal finds herself separated from the rest of the gang. She fights for her life only armed with her staff and a few supplies against the swarm. She can only hope she can reunite with her team before Star Fox becomes overwhelmed.
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oh no wach out Krystal! awesome pic ;P