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Star Fox Concept Screenshot



It's basically what the title says. The pic started out as a sketch of a couple of ideas when I was bored. Later, I eventually I decided to flesh it out more and ended up with a "screenshot" of the Star Fox single player campaign in my head. So I have Fox and Falco tackle the first act which involves recruiting a new member and confronting a Super Attack Carrier on Corneria.


My thoughts and ideas:

Scoring is changed to a credit point system versus hits. I believe this system works well with the theme of Star Fox as mercenaries and allows players to earn points from hits and from a greater variety of feats. Credits can be earned by traditionally shooting down enemies and bosses. It can also be earned by completing important tasks whether it is defending a generator, disarming a bomb, or destroying targets of opportunity during a mission. After a mission, additional credits, multipliers, and sometimes penalties will be added based on the performance of the entire team. Having a certain amount of enemies destroyed, the sum of damage your team has endured and completing secondary objectives are factored in the after game awards. Credits can be used to purchase additional vehicles ("lives"), parts, small arms gear, and upgrades which is important to progress into higher difficulty areas within the Lylat System and beyond.

Vehicle game mechanics is changed as well. The health gauge is represented by the profile of your current machine. Individual parts of your machine have their own hit points such as the both wings, each g-diffuser pod, and the fuselage which is the most important part. As your machine takes damage, structural integrity and performance degrades and eventually becomes destroyed. Losing your wings makes it difficult to maintain stability during flight. Losing g-diffuser pods makes it harder to perform aerobatics and doing so becomes physically taxing on the pilot.

Rechargeable shields on vehicles are a new addition to the gameplay. They help mitigate damage that can eat up the hard earned credits so investing in one is a good idea. It is useful to give your teammates quality shields if you don't want your teammates to suffer too much damage as you come to their rescue. Certain shield modules change the effect of the barrel roll. Deflectors are the ones most are accustomed to, there are also mirrors that bounce right back to the attacker, and absorbers that increase the about of damage for charged shots.

I could go on, but I could possibly write a book about this. You'd all be asleep anyways. :P

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