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Loki Movie Title Card v2.0 update

Update 1/11/15: Here's the wet, white gold look.

*Note: This and any of my works are in no way involved with Marvel. All of the work created here I created from scratch.*

It starts here Font Design 423: Loki Film Title by j3px

Act I: Loki Prince of Mischief: Act I Scn I-II
LOKI: Prince of Mischief
A screenplay
By j3px
LOKI: Prince of Mischief
EXT. Late afternoon, New York City, 3:51 p.m. EST.
as we stand with Dr. Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Dr. Erik Selvig, surrounding Thor and Loki.
as Thor speaks to Loki
LOKI, without moving, blinks, shifts eyes to Thor.
(low voice)
Before our return to Asgard… we would
pay a few of our friends a visit.
LOKI glances wincingly at Thor.
Hesitantly, LOKI clutches the portal control with Thor.
Dr. Selvig…
Favoring THOR
As Banner, Stark, Rogers, Barton, & Romanoff- the AVENGERS- nod in syncopation.
as we stand with Dr. Selvig and the Avengers, we watch the bright blue tractor beam of light draw Thor and Loki up.
OUTER SPACE, VOID, as the tractor beam flashes across our galaxy, warping T

Pencil Test: New update! Loki concept art animatic 2.0! by j3px 

OST (from 12.13.2014): OST: Loki: Prince of Mischief update 12-13-14 by j3px

This is year 2 of production for me.

Since I first started to draw, drawing fonts have been almost as fun for me as doing so for characters.

After all, who wouldn't get some satisfaction out of replicating the font of your favorite show.... just to one's liking?

But I hoped- wanted- to get better at making them.

Years ago I had the pleasure of taking a Typography class at a local community college.

This awesome professor showed us how to create typefaces.

She also showed us how to take a lot of the guesswork out of creating our own fonts.

So here is Loki, a rather complex character.

For Loki, I needed to create not only a Gothic look, but a serpent-like, crafty, flowing, with avant-garde strokes that shout "I'm a force that you do not dare under-estimate."

So I went back into R&D- using my trusty "Hulk"pencil- to craft a metallic font organically to simulate dented, worn metal ... one reflecting such a soul- wounded-torn, battle-worn, love-lorn, forlorn, and respect-shorn- over thousands of years...

... and yet after weathering all these, retaining the glamour of his majesty. Such is my perception of the Prince of Mischief.

Out came this.

Then I'd scanned my meticulously detailed drawing into Photoshop CS3, created textures and added layers as part of the enhancement process.

I'll update this as time allows.

What are your thoughts on the new look? Have I done Loki's title design justice? Comment below.

Planning/Pencil/Design: :iconj3px:

Here's the link to the movie poster font I used below (quite helpful and relatively user-friendly).…

Get your custom lettering and title card commissions, payable by Paypal, today!

Marvel's Loki is the property of Marvel Studios.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

The details in this work shows the artist's passion for this character. A title card is a great addition to an already-amazing project this artist has going for him.
Green is fitting, as it is Loki's representative color. The gold scarring makes it look as if the name has been cut from stone, almost like Norse runes, which is also very fitting in the style of the mythology. The lighting on the edges makes the letters into marble. An ancient feel, with a fine glossy finish. You could almost pick these letters right off the screen and hold them n your hand. They would be cold to the touch, rough around the edges; but soft and smooth on the emerald surface.
The style of the letters is unique, while still paying tribute to the ancient style of writing. Again, these could be rune stones.
The quote at the top hints at what can be expected from this movie. Loki, of course, is mischievous. So could be his movie: mischievous, exciting, fun. I would mark my calender for July 23rd 2016 in a heartbeat.
Take note as well, that the artist made sure to use the style of modern movie dates that appear on movie posters and trailers. Numbers with the periods. A fine detail not to be overlooked. He also used the small, compacted letters for the details just above the date. This would fit in among the movie posters in any movie theater.
The only con I can say for this is the K's leg over the word "mischief"; but we all know what the word is, so this can be an exception.
Vision: This artist has been working on his own Loki project for a few years now. No doubts in 5 full stars there.
Originality: 5 and 1/2; only because it is an inspired work. It is still worthy of the highest grade.
Technique: 5 Stars again. Detailed, given style, and typography, and started out hand drawn to boot.
Impact: As a huge Loki fan, this one won't stray from my memory anytime soon.
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Thank you for your kind comment. Have you watched my latest update to my animatic?
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Darn if only! I'd through my money at them. Do they realize the fan-girls care more about him, than anything else? Wake up Marvel, you're missing out on millions.

Anyway the font and style of this poster is awesome, I could easily see this has his logo. Nice work!
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Thanks for the comment. Show your support by voting on the Critique above, and better yet- by writing your very own critique.
This is a real effort that will gain momentum in the next (3rd) year.

Check out my Loki soundtrack- If you like it, it's available for purchase at $10 USD for 39+ tracks here…
If not, that's fine too :)
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Cool font effects!
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Thanks Ozlem! Handled well, Photoshop works wonders. Though if you catch the design part, you notice I drew the foundation by hand.
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Yes I did notice did a great job with & then the digital rendering. Looks really awesome!
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Very nice. I would love to have a TrueType version of this for my comp. ;D Anyhow, nicely done.
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