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A pencil drawing done Nov 7th, '06 and tinted in Photoshop.
Marvel Comics's Thing being all rocky and superstrong.
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How the thing manages when he wants to fuck her girfriend??
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Very nice - casual and captures Kirby's Thing.
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Thanks man- I was more of a Jon Byrne FF reader, but glad he's got some Kirbyness.
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And I have the whole original run(s) of Byrne's FF - his well-known run, and his early run in the late 70s with Sinnott.

Good, fun stuff.
Nice. You gotta find Someone to Color this.
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Cool. I liked. =D
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After looking at your other work, this is your best peice, in my opinion. Do you know where I can find comic colorists? I know there around here somewhere.
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Try looking at and
They both color comics professionally, and probably have links to other colorists in their friends lists.
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Hey. I really appreciate the help in finding colorists. It's actually one of the primary reasons that I joined the site. Thanks again. :boing:
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Thats pretty good. I like the structure of the character. Good pose too.
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