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She-Hulk model sheet commission

Ink drawing, colored in Photoshop, Apr 2017.

Color commission for Chwen-Hoou : He wanted a model sheet for Marvel Comic's She-Hulk, showing a version of her more in line with his ideal version of her and desired direction for her series to go in. I'll include a link to his thoughts on the matter here:
Project: She-Hulk (A Fan Proposal)
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More lawyer Jennifer draws! Great job. Outfits are great

Aren't listed strength, speed, stamina and durability really low for Hulk? Jennifer is barely below savage Hulk in most incarnations and quite comparable to red and gray ones.

But if I take Alex Mercer from Prototype, then he's somehow better in all categories:

Strength - can throw M1A2 over the Central Park as easy as basketball so lifting strenght is probably in several hundreds if not thousands of tons;

Speed - can outrun AGM-114 Hellfire missile so Mach 1.3 in bursts;

Agility - can jump over a scyscraper, fly and change direction midflight;

Stamina - infinite, never tires;

Durability - is nigh impossible to physcically hurt since he's literary a blob of cells, have regenerated after being hit with hypocenter radius of a nuke.

And that's before we factor in shapeshifting and ability to increase biomass.

In short, shouldn't She-Hulk be much stronger? It seems like you've listed average stats instead of peak feats. Hulk can literary cause earthquakes with his punches at his peak, so Jen should also be on "kiloton+" levels of strength, right?

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This was written up back in 2017, before Jenn became Hulk, I think. The commissioner wrote it in standard Official Handbook format, which lists standard rather than peak feats if I remember correctly.

I believe she has gotten more powerful in the comics since then.

Never heard of this Prototype- he sounds really powerful, but arguing about which fictional characters are stronger is pretty futile.

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I love this design for She-Hulk. She was my first comic book crush, and she's grown into one of my favorite characters.

By the by, I'm currently writing an Avengers fanfiction that's basically my version of Jason Aaron's current run. During this run, She-Hulk is the active field leader. I was wondering if I could use this design for Jen for my story?

Also, if you'd like to know who else is on the team, just send me a note.

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I hate that you used Slott's stuff, Who cares if he slut-shamed her, She can lift more!

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What did Slott do to She-Hulk? I read part of his run, loved the Bobillo art.
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He made She-Hulk into an annoying squirrel-brain("Ohmigosh" is a 3rd of her dialog) & her libido was her sole-defining characteristic. It was like the Last Jedi but stretched out to 33 issues. He made her hit rock bottom so he could do a super generic "Accepting yourself" arc.

Plus I hated the Bobillo art made her look bloated & ugly, her eyes are a legit decimeter apart.

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Love this take on Jen! You got the smarts, the strength, the smile - she looks properly Hulked, and not just a glamazon!
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Check out my version dude (  The Outstanding Shulk (Jenny Walters):Earth-6116 by Joel-Cevallos )
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Oh thank god, a non-sexualized (but still beautiful) She-Hulk design. Amazing. Love it, love everything about it. She even looks like a Hulk now. I so wish this was canon.
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No woman will ever beat the Hulk.
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And your comment is relevant, how? 
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Women are smart. Only some dumb macho guy would think he can take the Hulk on. If he's not the Abomination, Thing, or Juggernaut, he's doomed.
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Thanks- check out these over here too:
  She-Hulk Rogues' Gallery commission by Jebriodo
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I greatly hope for more she hulk
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I will almost certainly draw her again.
Thank you very much
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Especially if its by Jebriodo. ;)
I will love ❤️😘 to see it
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