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A pencil drawing made in April, painted and tinted in Painter and Photoshop May 14th 2007.

An entry for :iconfemalemuscle:'s May theme Physical Fitness and Sports.
This was drawn from a reference photo of gymnast Carly Patterson I found in my clip files. I've always liked the degree of muscularity female gymnasts build up, even though they're little tiny gals for the most part.
Anyway, it's not intended as fan art- I retained the pose for the most part, but beefed this gal up alot and changed her expression. I see (to my chagrin) that I kept the suit design the same, though. Ah well- I'll have to watch that in future sports drawings.
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OMG! Flexible and strong! For me the perfect female gymnast!
Also nice drawn and view! Like it!
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Thanks- it is heavily referenced off of a photo for pose and angle.
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Wow! This is beautiful!
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Nice stride leap!
Yeah, gymnasts are tough ;D
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Your welcome ^.^
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superb stuff man,your drawing of the anatomy is first rate here
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beautiful display here...but i was wandering what a beefier version would look like.i'm a sucker for bigfbbs displaying gymnastics
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That background really give her a heighten sense of elegance. Nice job as always.
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Its well done and your drawingskills are great. but I'd never call this a gymnast! Its not even a bodybuilder. Muscles, yes, but this gymnast is fat, too. There isnt the frame, that you meant. I know what style this is
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What style is it?
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thats really good! she's very muscular but it's still good. i'm on the prep intermediate team @ my gym. it's levels 6-8.
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Whoa, she has alot of muscle! Wow, I'm a gymnast but I'm not quite that muscular. Though I'm only level 7 team. But the picture is lovley. I love the way you colored it. Its very uniqe in a lovely way.
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Thank you very much! Good luck with the gymnastics!
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Those legs could break me in half. I love it!
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Aw, but she'd never do it- I'm sure she is a gentle midget.
Glad you like the piece.
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That is one gorgeous, powerful gymnast.
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