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Background Compilation: Ocean

some time ago, during a sweep on the old Background HQ site, I found a beautiful image showing the ocean with the reflection of the sun. And then I touched it.

I made some more cloud variants, extended the ocean without the reflection, added a moon and a night sky and messed with saturation or something.

I hold no ownership of the sprites used within this compilation, not even the ones i edited.
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© 2014 - 2021 jebo14
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Can i use some from your Sprites for a commercial game use? I want you in the credit show
Like special thanks credit
can  i this use for a commercial  Game use? i will you also in the Credit show
like speciall thanks Credit
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can I borrow background at night ?
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Mind if I use? Credit is always given.
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Don't need to ask, just give those credits
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Ever tried doing Stormy Cloud Skies? 
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Do Star wars Backgrounds
Also May I use? will give credit
... Move over Parrish you've just been replaced!!!

These are AMAZING, and don't get me started on the water! I thought your ships where good (still hoping for more of those btw) and your human base was kick-ass (REALLY hoping to see more of that!), but this... THIS... I need a moment.
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Wow, awesome!!
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Oh man! these are great! those clouds look just awesome! And the shine on the sea! and the colors match just wonderfully!
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Oh my god, this is purely awesome dude
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