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Raph and Slash vs Flim and Flam 1 by jebens1 Raph and Slash vs Flim and Flam 1 :iconjebens1:jebens1 28 8
Equestria BatGirls (chapter 2)
Turtles vs Bats
"Really? A giant Bat?" Raph frowned at Mikey "We can clearly see it's just some guy in a costume!" Then he pulled out his sais "But whoever he is, I don't trust him!"
"That makes two of us," Applejack stood by his side, raising her claws.
"Three of us!" Rainbow Dash said, her spear at the ready.
"Hold up, guys," Donnie interjected "We don't know that for sure. So let's not jump to any--" before he could finish, another figure dropped down next to the man, it was a girl. She wore a dull purple zip-up suit, with a yellow bat symbol, and a small cape attached at the sholders. A yellow belt, gloves, and boots. And she long red hair peeking out from a bat-shaped mask. One look at her and Donnie fell, instantly in love "I... impa... bah... dah..." Donnie was so intranced that he couldn't speak clearly.
"AAAHHHH! ANOTHER GIANT BAT!" Mikey screamed again. Four more figures landed by them: a yong man, a young teenage boy, and two women. "AAAHHHH!
:iconjebens1:jebens1 12 9
Battle for the Memory Stone by jebens1 Battle for the Memory Stone :iconjebens1:jebens1 32 6
Equestria BatGirls (chapter 1)
Mysterious Visitors

"This is Vicki Vale, of GCN, reporting to you live on the scene of a massive break in at Powers Industrial research and development laboratory," Vichi Vale turned to one of the scientists "Ms, can you
tell us what kind of tech was stolen?"
"An experimental generator valued at up to 800 million," she replied, shaken.
"And can you describe the attackers?"
"I'm not sure what they were, but. They were these strange robotic beings that were being piloted by... I don't believe it myself, but by these... brain-like creatures! And there was word they said more then any: Kraang. And if that wasn't strange enough, right out of nowhere, these humanoid creatures and metahumans appeared and attacked the robots! It was unheard of!"
"There you have it," Vicki Vale continued "This marks the fifth attack on Gotham's research facilities since the abduction of Theoretical Physicist Dr. Naven Khan. Police Commissioner James Gordon, denies that the disap
:iconjebens1:jebens1 19 14
Turf War (Leo vs Timber) by jebens1 Turf War (Leo vs Timber) :iconjebens1:jebens1 24 5 Angred Airheads by jebens1 Angred Airheads :iconjebens1:jebens1 37 9 Angred Airheads preview by jebens1 Angred Airheads preview :iconjebens1:jebens1 26 5 Ace by jebens1 Ace :iconjebens1:jebens1 14 3 Five Voice Actor Friends by jebens1 Five Voice Actor Friends :iconjebens1:jebens1 26 6 Mimi Twins by jebens1 Mimi Twins :iconjebens1:jebens1 24 3 The Turtlecracker by jebens1 The Turtlecracker :iconjebens1:jebens1 32 6 Equestrian Pizza Power by jebens1 Equestrian Pizza Power :iconjebens1:jebens1 30 10 Mistletoe Slap by jebens1 Mistletoe Slap :iconjebens1:jebens1 17 9 Raph and Slash vs Flim and Flam 2 by jebens1 Raph and Slash vs Flim and Flam 2 :iconjebens1:jebens1 25 11 Christmas Mutant to the Rescue by jebens1 Christmas Mutant to the Rescue :iconjebens1:jebens1 18 13 TMNT Group 4 (Mutan Enemies 1) by jebens1 TMNT Group 4 (Mutan Enemies 1) :iconjebens1:jebens1 31 11


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Equestria Ninjas Canterlot Idol
(We begin in Canterlot after some party we see Mikey and Discord singing the time warp while laughing while the others watching)
Raph: (mock laughing) Give it a break, you two, we get it. you like to sing.
Mikey: You're just jealous of our mad vocals, Raph.
Discord: Maybe we should try false seto.
Raph: Oh stuff it in your shell!
Twilight: C'mon, Raph. They're just having fun. They're really not that bad.
Mikey: Not that Bad?
Discord: I will take that as a compliment from you, Twilight.
??????: You should.
(Enters Roburro Pony Jr., pony version of Robert Downey Jr.)
Twilight: Famous Pony Roburro Pony Jr?
Roburro: I'd hardly give them competition.
Mikey: that guy sounds familiar.
Leo: Easy, Roburro, the competition hasn't started.
Roburro: Its just the price of success is all.
Leo: Alright then! Who's up for a little contest then?
(everybody starts agreeing with Pinkie cheering. Discord snaps his fingers and competition begins)
Fugitoid: Welcome to Canterlot Idol! That's were you, yes y
:icontmntony:TMNTony 10 35


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Anthony "Tony" Crosby
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I've read some interesting fanfics and transcripts featuring the MLP gang, that I'd recommend you guys check out.

1. Thomas & Equestria Girls: Welcome to Canterlot High:…
Weclome to Canterlot High Short Stories.…

2. Pooh's Adventures: Back at the Barnyard:…

3. My Little Pony: The Disney Chronicles:

.Snow White and the Seven Dwarves…



4. When Dimensions Unite!:…

5. L.O.V.E vs H.A.T.E:

.A New Beginning…

.It's All Greek to Twilight…

.Twilight in the Neitherland…

.The City of Fights…

6. Big Mane 6… (this was written long before the premiere of the Big Hero 6 series, so there will be differences to the series)

7. My Littlest Pet Shop Escape from Equestria…
(Fun Fact: Many of the main cast and other voice actors who have played characters on the show, have also voiced characters on My Little Pony too. And Daniel Ingram has composed music for both shows.)


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You've got to watch this. Shows what dog Spike do in his free time.
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Hey Jeb, I was just thinking about an idea of a future scene in the latest story of D.M's MLP/TMNT fan fiction that might be interesting to draw. If you don't want to do it,it's cool. And Merry Christmas.

P.S, it's a suggestion, not a request.
jebens1 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What is it?
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The Young Six chasing Master Splinter's ghost all night, not knowing he's a ghost. Then in the morning, Sandbar and his pals explain to Twilight and company and said students are scared awake learning they were chasing a ghost.
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My Mommy's Was Passed Away.
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