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Sunset Shimmer

By Jeatz-Axl
A vector of Sunset Shimmer from the Equestria Girls movie.
Fixed: The mane so that the curves are smoother, and more accurate cutie mark.




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Wow Q! beautiful is she muy good I like :D
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
I love Sunset Shimmer.
IdunaHayaPhotography's avatar

I'm sorry to inform you someone has stolen this: Sunset Shimmer

Her gallery is full of stolen stuff. Commenting is pointless because she hides them all and blocks you. If you can please report her to the DA staff. If all the actual artists report her hopefully they do something about it.

ZwolfieLove's avatar
Was Just letting you know I Submitted it to :iconsunset-shimmer-rocks:
Vilcronos's avatar
Wow!! impressive beautiful sunset shimmer :D I like I am a dummy! 
DaChosta's avatar
I used your vector for my wallpaper creation…
nickyv917's avatar
Mind if I use this vector in a video I have planned, if I give credit?
Jeatz-Axl's avatar
Sure go ahead.
nickyv917's avatar
OK, here it is, if you want to see it:…
DarthWill3's avatar
That's my girl!
DarkSoul-Sonic's avatar
Sunset Shimmer is best villain :) She's so cute! ^_^
MythChaser1's avatar
Oh. By the way, I used this. Forgot to tell you. xD…
Jeatz-Axl's avatar
Don't worry about it, nice vector by the way.
Neighthirst's avatar
Just letting you know I used this as part of an icon sort of thing in my MLP Colour Guide
Jeatz-Axl's avatar
I like yours too.
horsefan999's avatar
Why do the villains always get the cool designs :(
Jeatz-Axl's avatar
Because they have the best facial expressions.
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