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Uh-oh...she looks scared!
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I used it for a thing…
Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk Idk 
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Can i make base?
i credit you :)
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Sure go ahead.
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Sure go ahead.
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I JUST LOVE Marble Pie design, and how she acts and talks(I mean makes noises to communicate with others...)I'll be going now...Bonnie's NOPE Face  (Chat Icon) 
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I haven't seen the episode, Hearthbreakers, yet, but I'll put Marble Pie (along with Limestone Pie) as my Anti-Favorite MLP: FiM Characters. ;) :)

Keep It Up, homie! :) :D
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Love This Bab
She Is The Best Of The Pie Family
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Such a reticent little thing... surely, realising that she may be related to Big Mac should be a bit of disincentive to take the plunge there.
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She's so cute! :3
She's like if someone squished together Maude and Fluttershy.
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Is she shipped with Big Mac or are they related?
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Even if they are related, they're so distantly related that it doesn't matter. Technically, all humans on earth are related, but if people are distantly related enough, they can get married ..
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Good point and I assume poligamy is legal so she can share him with Cheerilee.
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Lol even if it's legal, it isn't for everyone.. xD I doubt Cheerilee or Marble would be very happy about that
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But Big Mac is big enough to go around ;P
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Eh yeah somehow I don't think they'd aprove
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That cutie! :3
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