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why is there a patch of darker shading above her eye? It's not like spherical its a square.
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God I love her
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"gaze into the eyes of Limestone Pie"
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I might get use to her, even if she does get mad. (Again, I haven't seen the episode yet. ^^;) She's also one of my Anti-Favorite MLP: FiM Characters. :) :D

Awesome Job! :) :D
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Such a grumpy pony... though weren't her eyes brown-ish as a filly?
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Even when curious she still manages to look slightly mad.
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That's... unusual.
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Limestone Pie :iconsaysplz: "You touch my boulder, one more time, and I will kick you in your plot so hard, that you will be using a pillow to sit on it, for the rest of your life! Got it!?"

Love it. :iconthumbsupplz:
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*touches Holders Boulder*
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Limestone is annoyed Don't touch Houlders Boulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"What about licking Houlders Boulder?"
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*licks Houlders Boulder*
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Ok. But if any of it breaks of and gets on your tounge don't blame me!
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Can I make love to Houlders Boulder?
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Welp, you're dead.
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