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Fluttershy Equestria Girls Outfit

By Jeatz-Axl
Yeah I think I will do the rest of them in their Equestria Girls outfits.
Starting with Fluttershy.



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She looks adorable with those clothes! :love:
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Fluttershy looks cute.
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If anyone here thinks Fluttershy is the best comment on one of my things plzMystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Vinyl Scratch 
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She looks so cute!
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Flutters: Alex does my new hairstyle turn you on
:iconalexlive97: yeeeess!
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I can do with this base?
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Ponies in skirts looks so cute for some odd reason.
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Equestria Girls can have all the flaws in the world , but Fluttershy will always be adorable !
P.S. I actually liked the movie , just wanted to get that out.
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Pony Fluttershy, "Oh hello me wearing clothes, you look really shocked and scared uh . . you're not a changeling are you?" 
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Just when I thought she wouldn't be cuter you go off behind my back deciding to make this. A really shitty thing to do, a really shitty thing. Jk, but in honesty, she's so freaking adorable!
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No not at all.
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Are you also gonna do the Cutie Mark Crusaders wearing the same clothes and have their hairstyles done much like from Equestria Girls?
Jeatz-Axl's avatar
Probably not, I was only interested in doing the Mane Six,
Trixie and Sunset Shimmer.
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Cuteness overload! :love: *dies*
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