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Cheerilee Lovestruck


A vector of Cheerilee from the episode Filli Vanilli, screenshot link:….




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I love this.  Is there a day for CHeerliee?  (just want to check and remember for when it is)

(Looney Tunes anyone?)
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Everypony knows that the love potion is still working!
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Cheerilee looked stoned.
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Applebloom was right all along. Cheerilee and Big Mac DID already like each other. The problem was that they were trying to force it along.
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And forcing it to happen never works.
EmmyTheSmolPone's avatar
just looking at da clouds no biggy
ringsandamiss007's avatar
Wonder if she's given Big Mac a private performance?
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I think there's more to be said for this part than the part where Bigmac is seen watching Fluttershy dance though the window as he clearly was worried about Fluttershy messing things up..
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well,I'm glad I an't the only one who saw this.:XD:
CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
She wants Big Mac again.
GeneralCustard7's avatar
she wants his big cock
ArtGuruSauce's avatar
*Sigh* I'll get the rope.
CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
And I'll hold her down.
Alexiscool33's avatar
I'll get the tranq darts and the blowpipe
want me to get a bat in case she escapes
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