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The Wakpa-Stock-Horse Breedsheet



    ==Introducing the Wakpa-Stock Horse==

    The Wakpa-Stock Horse is a fantasy stock horse breed, similar to American Quarter Horses or Paints, but with colorful markings and mutations. They are extremely agile and strong, with a affinity for water. They are strong competitors with natural drive to lead and have a very strong sense of direction.


    Some say the Wakpa have no start, they simply were but others tell a different story. Some say that as an old exiled man who had been walked alone for many years he called out sadly to the river he loved and lived by. He fell to his knees and sobbed as he had been forced to leave behind his family and friends. As he cried he heard splashes and the sound of hooves striking rocks on the river bank. As he opened his eyes he was surrounded by a colorful herd of horse, still dripping wet from the river they were formed from. They cared for the man and took him back home, were he was welcomed, because the tribe had never had horses before. To this day the Wakpa are trustworthy and loyal friends.


    The Wakpa are built similar to most stock horse breeds. They have strong legs and large hindquarters and shoulders. Wakpas’ all have deep chest with large lungs and hooves to help them be very strong swimmers and agile runners, with very good balance. They do well in western events, but with some training they could excel in english events too.

    :bulletgreen::bulletred: Wakpa-Stock-Horse will soon be available through ordering a custom or claiming an open Import via the group Wakpa-Stock-Horse


 Wakpa-Stock-Horse is copyright Jeanus412 with much help from RacingRockets
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So lovely! Our group is coming along great! Love the style by the way!