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My Bio
I am the producer for Jeansbound, JB Media, JB Tickling and Bound4Worship - a few fetish productions focused on bondage, tickling, foot fetish and other fetishes too.

I've been doing Jeansbound since Fall 2004, Bound4Worship since Summer 2008, and JB Tickling and JB Media began in 2009. This will serve as an outlet for the more artistic, editorial and meaningful (milestone) photos and photo manipulations in my collection.

Comments are very much appreciated.

Current Residence: NYC
Favourite genre of music: rock
Operating System: I'm a PC
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny

Other Interests
web production, sports
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Added an image of Tessa Jade barefoot bound in a bikini and denim vest today.  Also, added an option to purchase and download the full photo set that this image is part of right here on DeviantArt.  It's priced at 130 points, and there are 33 images in the set.  (So a bit less than 0.05/image, similar to pricing that was on BondageTokens). After my recent hosting company change I lost all of my BondageTokens sets (lost isn't the word - I have them all, but they're no longer accessible for purchase unless I can rebuild a lot of basic file structure).  So next step will likely be to make the full sets available of images already posted here at
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Enjoying a chance to take it easy on Independence Day, and decided to add a couple of new images from the archive - one of Nicky Masters barefoot bound wearing a t-shirt (a 2 or 3 sizes too small t-shirt) that says "USA" on it and has the flag.  The video that accompanied this photo set is also being released at the Jeansbound Clips4Sale store later.  My store number there is 14835.  The link gets blocked from dA, so take that info to figure out where to go, as need be. Other new image is of Vivian Ireene Pierce, barefoot in jeans in a US flag design tank top.  The video for this image has been available in the same clip store for awhile, bu
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It's been awhile since I've added photos here, so I decided the theme for this set of uploads would be having 1 new photo each with a different number of models in it.  I've now done at least 1 shoot with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 models, so five new photos were added. Clearly, most of my shoots are with 1 model, so there was a lot to choose from there.  I picked Erika Jordan because I hadn't previously presented a photo of her here, although she has quickly become my most popular model - something she's helped accomplish by being readily available, but more importantly by delivering such incredible performances in custom videos that folks keep askin
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Great Work......I Enjoy Your Pics...........Happy New Year
Hi, I was just wondering what ever happened to your site? I've always wanted to become a member but when I finally had the money to do so when I went to it it stated it was under construction? Anyhow I was never able to become a member and I missed out on your wonderful image sets. :(
The original Jeansbound member site with daily updates was retired some years back - the hosting provider for that got out of the Membership site business.  I do maintain membership sites for Jeansbound, Bound4Worship, and JB Tickling through Clips 4 Sale. If you go to my main site Jeansbonud (dot) com you will see the links to the membership sites there.  They are much more video focused now, but they are still 30 day membership sites providing access to both the full archives and the new updates in the course of the month - usually that's 5-6 new videos in 30 days.
Thanks for the fave man!

Love your work!
Thanks for the :+fav:
can I play too ?