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Amanda Young - Hello

Amanda, my lovely Amanda...I was almost dead and you saved me...Thank you for everything ... Nobody did for me as much as you. All people leave me, but you will with me until the end of time... And then...Everything will be allright. :heart:
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This is beautiful ! Amanda x John forever !
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my god she really does have something doesn't she, both the character and the actress, so so beautiful, even as a murderess :faint:
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That part of the song really fits Amanda. :O
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Yeah, I think it ,too :aww:
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Beautiful piece! I'm glad someone thinks so highly of the poor, tragic child as I do. She was truly a lost soul as Jill Tuck put it, and despite John's best efforts, she remained a lost soul, set up by the jealousy and ambition of one man.
Kudos to you!
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Och, really thanks! :) It totally pleased me! :) I'm glad every moment when I meet some people who have the same opinion to Amanda like me. Thanks for faves and writing again! :)
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There are so few of us who truly understand the beauty and pain that is Amanda Young. Most people can't see past her un-winnable games, and her unstable emotional state, but she is so much more complex than that.
The line from SAW VI: "you think it is the living who will have the ultimate judgement over you, because the dead have no claim over your soul, but you may be mistaken" is such a critical line! Not only for the game with William, but also to Hoffman for Amanda.
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That's true. When I asked some people what they're thinking about Amanda, they always say that she's murderer , fucking junkie, etc... But nobody say "She had no choice". You know what I think.
Matthews mentally killed her when he framed her. Before jail, it was Amanda. After jail it was only vindictive destroyed slag. And it is tragic. In a way, John really helped her get out of it. But it has never been Amanda like before , I think. I fully understand that she wanna kill Matthews. He destroyed her life.
He deserved it.
Nobody can help her for 100%...
I hate Hoffman for what he did to Amanda. He's freaking motherfucker,he deserve to die. His game are embarrasing, almost everybody survive this, it's not right. Those people learned nothing from his games, so his games are absolutely unimportant.
Hoffman had no test, while the first three parts of SAW are full of Amanda's tests. It's unfair.

Oh, I think, if you understand this line, you're real genious. It's so confused :D. Sorry for my english, I'm slovak. :)
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I completely agree. She seemed to be a perfectly happy and normal young woman before Eric Matthews framed her for drug possession, when in fact she never did drugs.
Of course when she entered her imprizonment she became a drug addict and Heroine of all things can severely destroy someone mentally, turn them into something that they never thought they were capable of being. Her line in SAW II: "You can't know the things you lose when you're locked away." And that's exactly true, in fact I think it's truer than even AMANDA knew! Amanda didn't even realize what had happened to her.
Upon her release, with nothing left to lean on, she turned to her Heroine addiction to get her through, and in fact it nearly killed her. Jill Tuck was absolutely correct, Amanda was a "lost soul."
Jigsaw's game broke her of the one habbit, but it never really freed her or gave her an alternative worth persuing. She became his apprentice, but she was never truly re-born, only traumatized over and over again.
Amanda has been called the "Fictional Poster Child for Stockholm syndrome." Forgive me if it sounds like I'm insulting your intellegence, but to clarify, Stockholm Syndrome is when a victim of Kidnapping comes to feel an intense sense of loyalty to her captor.
Amanda was never more than a continued test subject. Even Special Agent Strahm said it, when Perez said that Jigsaw "never kept a subject that long." He responded, "no one but Amanda Young." Even in her final hours Amanda was no more than a test subject to him.
One thing that alot of Amanda critics like to peg her for is her unwinnable games. Unlike Jigsaw, Amanda had such a hard life and had been skrewed over so many times, that it was impossible to be emotionally attached to the victims that she was testing, not just Eric Matthews, but also Det. Kerry (bear in mind her and Matthews used to be partners). While Jigsaw preached Emotional-Detatchment from the test subjects, Amanda could not achieve it, not due to her own malice, but because of the vendetta she felt towards the world that had robbed her of a normal and innocent life.
And then we throw in the wild card: Det. Hoffman. Hoffman never liked Amanda from day one because he felt that Amanda was a worthless junkie, just like Eric Matthews did. He planned Amanda's failure from the moment Jigsaw revealed who's test it really was. He had no faith in her, and even set her up, helped her fail. His black-male note which sent her over the edge had two major flaws in it. Number one: Amanda was not responcible for the loss of Jigsaw's unborn son. Number two: Even if that argument can't be made, the events that transpired at the drug rehab clinic took place before Jigsaw even knew he had cancer, before Cecil's game (who was the real person responcible for the death of Jigsaw's son), and much before Amanda's first test. She was not "reborn" and therefore, her "Reborn" self could not and most likely would not have been held accountable for the loss of Jigsaw's son, in the eyes of her mentor.
Amanda loved Jigsaw, not romantically, but as a daughter. You can tell this just by the way the film was shot, several of the shots are of that of a little girl looking up at her father. Amanda was completely devoted to him, and in my opinion would have made a much better sucessor than Hoffman did. She appreciated John's work. While she was not able to follow his model exactly due to her hard, and unfortunate life, she appreciated it. Hoffman tried to undermine Jigsaw's emotional detatchment. The line in SAW VI where he goes "Come on, you want him to suffer just as much as I do." was clear evidence of that. Hoffman didn't care about Jigsaw, he only saw Jigsaw's games as a way to exact "justice" on those he couldn't get through the legal system.
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Yeah, you're right, I agree.
Hoffman is worthless, completely worthless, John want him because he wanna stay clear for police. As you said, Hoffman never want real make a trap for the people who don't appreciate life, he want watch suffering and "justice".
You know, I do not understand fully the relationship of John to Amanda. Sometimes I was thinking he loves her like his daughter, but then it is terribly silly, that he swapped her for games. I can't believe this. Oh, god, he said to her that she is his everything! But now I'm thinking he more love her really just like test subject. Perhaps like the best test subject he ever had. Amanda is extremely easily influenced. She would die for him, if he would want it. And it is very good for John. And ,in a way, she is really strong. She will always remain for me than the "chosen", the only one that survived John's most basic games. The only one to prove that she have self-preservation. And it's the most important thing in SAW for me. I know she is not is a prime example of forgiving...But I don't mind. Amanda isn't Amanda like before, she's never reborn,she's never changed. She just was in jail and IT CHANGED her. No reborn. It's lies, she's right.
Hoffman is son of bitch, I always say that. I hate his line from SAW 5 when he said "She will fail you.". Amanda would never fail John if Hoffman wasn't threatened to her. Why he must resembled her the things that she have never done?! Motherfucker. Amanda , in a way, is good human. Not the best, but not the worst.
Yes, yes, she's not responsible for the death of Gideon. Cecil is...Okay, she want drugs,but it is not mean that she's responsible for Cecil.
I was so happy, when I saw like Jill made John's last wish. Hoffman fucking deserved it!
Amanda will always remain for me like innocent little demonic angel... :)
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Completely true. Every word of it! I'm glad to finally meet someone who is as passionate about her and her character as I am!
I am truly enjoying talking to you! :)
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Thanks so much, me too! :) I really glad to met you :) Don't you have ICQ ,skype or Facebook? :)
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